Optimization of Behavioral and Biobehavioral Interventions SIG Twitter Chat

Guests: Drs. Linda M. Collins, PhD, Kate Guastaferro, PhD, MPH
Date: February 18, 2020 1 pm ET

Q1. What is the Multiphase Optimization Strategy (MOST)? 
Q2. Why is MOST valuable?
Q3. What is the difference between an RCT and an optimization trial?
Q4. So what’s wrong with evaluating a multicomponent behavioral or biobehavioral intervention with an RCT?
Q5. What are some common misconceptions about MOST?
Q6. What are some examples of funded MOST projects in the field of behavioral medicine?
Q7. Where do you see MOST going in the next 5-10 years?
Q8. How can I learn more about MOST?

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