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A healthier world is possible. A world that knows what behavioral medicine is and how valuable it is. A world that recognizes our individual members as esteemed experts. A world where members advance their careers and the field, and impact real lives.

SBM Giving Campaign

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“Members of SBM have ambitious plans.  We would like to support and train the next generation of behavioral medicine researchers, be heard by policy makers on the federal and state level, and reach out to groups who could benefit from our science.  But we are hampered in these efforts by a lack of funds.  As former Treasurer and President of our Society I had to deal with this frustrating reality many times. Let’s do something about this together.  If we all pitch in and participate in the Giving Campaign we will reach these goals one by one.  I have always been impressed by the tight-knit family spirit of SBM, let’s support each other now and for the common future!”
-Michael Diefenbach, PhD, Past SBM President and Treasurer

SBM General Fund

General Fund

When you donate to the General Fund, you provide resources to cover SBM’s most pressing needs and you ensure membership fees remain affordable. This fund allows us to quickly respond to changes in the field and members’ careers.

SBM Leadership Development Fund

Leadership Development Fund

Donating to the Leadership Development Fund allows SBM to award research grants, travel funds, and training program scholarships to members at all career stages, so they can learn, network, and hone skills.

SBM Science Communication Fund

Science Communication Fund

When you give to the Science Communication Fund, you make sure members’ research touches real patients’ lives. This fund provides dollars for things like press outreach, member media training, and our Healthy Living articles.

SBM Policy Advocacy Fund

Policy Advocacy Fund

Donations to the Policy Advocacy Fund help ensure public health laws are based on members’ evidence-based research. With your help, we can build stronger relationships with lawmakers so they make decisions based on science.