April 26-29, 2023 | Phoenix, AZ

44th Annual Meeting
& Scientific Sessions

  • Abstracts open in July!

  • Explore Phoenix! This multicultural city has something for everyone, from desert trail adventures to the finest dining.

2023 Annual Meeting
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Healthy Living

Blue in the Face: The Effects of Blue Light on Sleep

Blue light exposure near bedtime can have a disruptive effect on sleep. This can lead to poor sleep and drowsiness during the day. Following these steps and avoiding screens before bed can help you create better sleep habits.

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SBM: Healthy Living

Journals: Editor’s Choice

Annals of Behavioral Medicine

Pathways to Flu Vaccination

Socio-structural disadvantages decreased associations between knowledge and attitudes, between attitudes and intentions, and between intentions and vaccination.

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Translational Behavioral Medicine

Climate Change Call to Action

Understand how climate change is affecting our health and behavior, and the impact this has on the multidisciplinary behavioral medicine community.

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