How To Get A Career Development “K” Award

This exciting Twitter chat covered everything you ever wanted to know and more about NIH Career Development “K” Awards. Participants discuss how to decide whether an NIH K award is right for you, how to prepare one, common reviewer concerns, and advice on mentor teams and training plans. Guests included current and former K awardees including Drs. Dani Arigo (Rowan University), Molly Waring (UConn), Charles Jonassaint (UPitt), and Matt Whited (East Carolina State University). Our host, Dr. Sherry Pagoto, had a K23 from 2003-2008 and since has numerous NIH, CDC, and foundation grants, including an NIH K24 Midcareer Investigator Award.

Dr. Pagoto and guests discussed the following questions.

When should junior investigators consider a K award versus other mechanisms like an R03 or R21?

K awards require a training plan. What are some tips for constructing a compelling training plan?

K awards also require a mentor team. What are some tips for finding the right mentors when you are already in an independent faculty position?

In preparing the K application, what are some common mistakes applicants make?

How do you make time to prepare a K application when you have other responsibilities that take up so much of your time (e.g., clinical, teaching)?

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