Gender Inequity and Harassment in Academia

Dr. Pagoto and guests will discuss the following questions.

The academic career was designed around the lifestyle of a non-primary caregiver since that is who traditionally held these positions. What are some examples of this and how might each present barriers to modern academics (both male or female) who participate more actively in parenting?

How do you change climate regarding gender harassment in cases where the political will at the higher levels in an academic department is weak (i.e., not viewed as a problem or a priority)? 

Male allies are so vital to changing academic climate around gender and diversity. How do you convince and equip male colleagues to recognize and respond in real time to microtransgressions?

What role might social media advocacy have in changing the climate in academia around gender issues?

If you could wave your magic wand, what 1-2 policies would you love to see immediately implemented across academia to address gender inequalities?

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