Stories from SBM Members, In their Own Words

Black Behavioral Scientists Forging On during the COVID-19 Pandemic

In this brief, we share the voices of Black Behavioral Scientists -- from various regions, disciplines and stages of their career – and the impact COVID-19 has had on their professional lives.

Waking Up to a New Consciousness of Why I Do What I Do

The author reflects on how her identity as an African American woman, wife, mother and faculty researcher has shaped her own conscious and unconscious biases on race and cultural identity.

Blindsided by a Shelter-in-Place Order

The author reflects on how his initial misconceptions of productivity during a shelter-in-place order led him to feel blindsided when this was not the case, and gives advice on how to implement behavior changes in this turbulent time.

"Are You Sure You're Fine in New York?"

A PhD student considers life in New York during the COVID-19 pandemic after her advisor inquires if she is coping.

Pursuing My PhD From Home: A Graduate Student’s Perspective on the COVID-19 Pandemic

A graduate student pursuing a PhD reflects on how abruptly their program has changed during the pandemic.

Building a New Routine in Mexico

The author reflects on changes to his life and behavior while social distancing in Mexico.

The “New Normal"

A post-doctoral fellow reflects on the "new normal" of social distancing at home with three children, and the delicate balance of work and homeschooling.

Reflections from Home in the Midst of COVID-19

Psychologist and associate professor reflects on how life has changed during the current pandemic.

Separating Work-life from Home-life during COVID-19

Many find it difficult to maintain a work-life balance under normal circumstances. Here are some tips to keep your work-life and home-life separated under stay-at-home orders.

Adapting to COVID-19 as a Doctoral Student in the Health Sciences

Academics face unique challenges to the current COVID-19 pandemic.

How Should a Person Be (During a Pandemic)?

During a time of unease and uncertainty, how should we behave?