Leadership Institute Special Section

Translational Behavioral Medicine, Volume 10, Issue 4, August 2020

Guest Editors: Marian L. Fitzgibbon, PhD, Caryn Peterson, PhD, Amy L. Yaroch, PhD, and Lila Rutten, PhD


Introduction to the special section of the SBM Mid-Career Leadership Institute: leadership and behavioral medicine in context 

Marian L. Fitzgibbon, Caryn Peterson, Lila J. Rutten, Amy Yaroch

In 2016, we established the year-long SBM Mid-Career Leadership Institute. The purpose of the Leadership Institute is to: (a) provide opportunities for mid-career professionals to build and sustain their leadership capacity; (b) create cohorts of connected fellows in behavioral medicine fields, disciplines, and institutions, who can support one another throughout their professional careers; and (c) enhance specific skills needed to navigate the challenges of mid-career. This special section is dedicated to the leadership experiences of fellows, faculty, senior SBM mentors, peer mentors, and executive coaches.


Society of Behavioral Medicine Mid-Career Leadership Institute: a faculty perspective 

Regina E. Romero, Shavon Arline-Bradley, Susan Johnson, Richard Tanenbaum

This commentary describes the purpose, framework and methods for the opening two days of a year long leadership development program for diverse cohorts of mid-career professionals in academic medicine and behavioral science disciplines.


Leadership, academia, and the role of career coaching 

Kevin R. Cheesebrough, Jessica Bronzert, Elizabeth Frazier-De La Torre

The SBM Mid-Career Leadership Institute utilizes leadership career coaching that is highly rated by participants and has shown the potential to positively influence career trajectories.


Group mentoring and leadership growth in behavioral medicine 

Sherri N. Sheinfeld Gorin, Rebecca E. Lee, Sara J. Knight

Based on the authors’ experience as mentors, thematic and descriptive analyses of the initial workshop evaluations, and contemporaneous notes, we discuss the structure, process, and project outcomes of the formal group mentoring in SBM’s Leadership Institute. Early process evaluation of the Institute suggests that the fellows benefitted from the group mentoring experience.


Using a group development framework to maximize leadership strategies in the inaugural session of the Society of Behavioral Medicine Leadership Institute

Sabrina Ford, Caryn E. Peterson, Jessica Whiteley, Marc T. Kiviniemi, Michelle Y. Martin ...

This commentary will offer an example of how a productive SBM Leadership Institute team works collaboratively to utilize its mentors and resources for professional development.


SBM Mid-Career Leadership Institute 

Olivia Affuso

My purpose for participating in the 2017 SBM Leadership Institute was to redefine my career goals in an effort to do more work that mattered.


Reflections on growing leadership capacity through formal training and mid-career peer connections 

Leslie R. M. Hausmann, M. Scott DeBerard

Peer mentorship is a useful strategy for building one's leadership capacity in the field of behavioral medicine.


Designing academic career trajectories: identifying internal assets and evaluating external challenges 

Aasim I. Padela

This article describes how a physician with an research focus on bioethics and community health examined and traversed career challenges using SBM Leadership Institute resources.


Perspectives on the benefits of leadership training for career growth among three mid-career behavioral scientists 

Dori Pekmezi, Lisa Cadmus-Bertram, Beth Lewis

The SBM Mid-Career Leadership Institute was instrumental in helping fellows navigate mid-career challenges (e.g., time management) and promoting their professional growth.


Experiences of social scientists in health research settings: SBM Leadership Institute 

Nora B. Henrikson

As an Institute fellow, I explored the experiences of social scientists working in healthcare settings. 


Leadership, behavioral science, and interprofessional teamwork 

Randal K. Wada

Leadership is a discipline with its own body of literature that, when studied and practiced, can help leaders improve by using their unique compliment of strengths to maximum benefit.


SBM Mid-Career Leadership Institute: replacing “fake it till you make it” with authentic leadership 

Sandra J. Winter

The SBM Mid-career Leadership Institute training provides essential tools for researchers and practitioners with the goal of promoting effective leadership in environments that are volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. The Institute training teaches important leadership concepts, the executive coaching sessions increase productivity, and the networking opportunities expand and deepen professional relationships.


Thrive, not just survive: the experience of a fellow in the SBM Leadership Institute to enhance opportunities for success of mid-career nurse scientists 

Patricia A. Kinser

Mid-career nurse scientists are challenged by a nationwide faculty shortage and the restricted funding environment. The intent of this paper is to offer lessons learned by a SBM Leadership Institute fellow and build upon current efforts to help mid-career scientists thrive, not just survive.


Lessons learned from the initial 4 years of the SBM Mid-Career Leadership Institute 

Marian L. Fitzgibbon, Lila J. Rutten, Amy Yaroch, Caryn Peterson

The purpose of this brief commentary is to summarize lessons learned by highlighting program evaluation, describing key changes over the initial 4 years, and sharing future plans for leadership training.