Juggling Your Professional Life During COVID-19

Host: Society for Behavioral Medicine
Guests: Dr. Elizabeth Arthur, PhD, APRN-CNP; Dr. Trishnee Bhurosy, PhD, Aita Coker, Dr. Rob Knoerl, PhD, RN, Dr. Crystal Lumpkins, PhD, Dr. Sharon Manne, PhD, Dr. Jaclyn Maher, PhD, Dr. Mike Stanton, PhD
Date: May 6, 2020, 7:00 pm ET

  1. How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected you professionally?
  2. In what ways has the pandemic contributed to professional disparities? Are some groups more/less affected than others?
  3. How are people managing their many different professional (and personal) responsibilities?
  4. What has been your experience with expectations regarding productivity right now? If expectations are unrealistic, how can we manage them?
  5. How can trainees best navigate a job market impacted by COVID-19?
  6. As some states are reopening, what can we do to adjust to back to our "normal" work environment