2022 Annual Meeting Recorded Research Spotlight Presentations

A Behavioral Economic Approach to Increase Physical Activity and Decrease TV Watching: Results of a Pilot Trial

Ricarda K. Pritschmann, MS, CHES

A Novel Approach to Self-Guided Weight Loss Among Young Men: Findings from the ACTIVATE Pilot Randomized Clinical Trial

Jean M. Reading

Aging and Meeting Fluid Intake Recommendations for Patients with a History of Kidney Stones: A Self-Regulation Interpretation

Emily Frith, PhD

Associations Between Chronic Pain and Social Functioning in Primary Care

Laura Aldrich, MA

Blurred Guidelines: Have the Updated APA Reporting Standards Impacted the Diversity of Samples in the Journal Health Psychology

Brandon I. Fernandez

Breaking Research Barriers: Podcast Conversations to Ensure Racial Justice and Equity in Research Practices

Allison A. Lewinski, PhD, MPH

Caregivers' Mental Representations of their Child's Asthma Triggers, Symptoms, and Management Strategies

Erika A. Waters, PhD, MPH

Case Study Exploring Preschool Teachers’ Physical Activity and their Impact on Children’s Physical Activity

John P. Rech, MAE

Communication about COVID-19 Mitigation Strategies among Illinois Healthcare Professionals: A Pilot Study

Allison Mobley, BA

Comparing Two Delivery Modes of a Supportive Care Digital Health Intervention among Metastatic Breast Cancer Patients

Brett R. Gordon, PhD

Discordant Substance Use and Distress in Underserved Head-and-Neck and Lung Cancer Patients and their Caregivers

Gillian Ulrich, MA

Gardening to Promote Plant-Based Diets and Environmental Sustainability in Adults with Risk Factors for Cardiovascular Disease

Susan Veldheer, DEd

Heal the Healers: A Pilot Study of a Transcendental Meditation Intervention for Emergency Medicine Clinicians During COVID-19

Desiree R. Azizoddin, PsyD

Health Inequity in Diabetes Technology Use: Are mHealth Apps the Solution We’ve Been Waiting For?

Harpreet Nagra, PhD

Healthcare Provider's Perception on Infant Physical Activity, Strength, and Communication

Priyanka Chaudhary, MPH

Investigating Denial of Disordered Eating and Interpersonal Factors in Binge Eating Behaviors in Daily Life

Lindsay M. Howard, PhD

Multiple Health Behavior Change Action Plan Drove Engagement and Improved Clinical Outcomes in a Remote Monitoring Program

Roberta James, MStat

P1CaLL: A Telephone-Based Stress Management Program to Reduce Distress in Caregivers of Phase I Oncology Trial Patients

Alaina L. Carr, PhD

Pilot Feasibility Study of the Effects of Anti-Vaping Video Ads Delivered on Facebook on Youth and Young Adults

Doug D. Evans, PhD

Proxy Risk Uncertainty: Caregivers’ “Don’t Know” Responses to Items Assessing their Child’s Risk of Asthma Exacerbation

Erika A. Waters, PhD, MPH

Proxy Unrealistic Optimism: Caregivers’ Underestimation of their Child’s Risk of having Uncontrolled Asthma or Exacerbation

Erika A. Waters, PhD, MPH

Race and ENDS' Perception of Harm as Predictors of Initiation of Tobacco-and-Nicotine Containing Products Use at 1-Year Follow Up

Rosemary E. Estevez Burns, PhD

Relations between Wake Behaviors, Naps, and Movement Behaviors in Early Childhood

Christine W. St. Laurent, PhD, MPH

Systematic Review of Ecological Momentary Assessment (EMA) Studies of Five Key Health-Related Behaviors

Dominika Kwasnicka, MA, MSc, PhD

The Impact of a Family-Based Program on Empowerment and Healthy Weight Parenting Practices among Head Start Parents

Cristina M. Gago, MPH

Think-Aloud Testing of a Novel Safer Drinking App for College Students during COVID-19

Jessica G. Smith, BA

Validation of a Measure of Diabetes-Specific Anxiety Symptoms

Kaitlyn Rechenberg, PhD