Annual Meeting Session Descriptions

Please click on the 2021 Annual Meeting pre-conference course title below to view the description of each course.

All courses are 2 ½ hour courses.
Full/Associate/Emeritus Members: $100
Student/Trainee or Transitional Members: $50
Non-Members: $150

Course 1: NIH Clinical Trials Short Course: Enforcement, Flexibilities, and Tools for the Social-Behavioral Community

Course 2: Implementing Mindfulness Practices During Times of Collective Trauma: Mindfulness Facilitation Training

Course 3: Inclusion and Retention of Older Adults in Behavioral Medicine Clinical Trials: Why and How?

Course 4: Cancer-Related Data Resources to Support Your Behavioral Research

Course 5: Shared Decision Making and Patient Decision Aids

Course 6: Diabetes & BIT SIGs Present: Harnessing Your Big Data: Data Viz & Science Communication Tools for Behavioral Scientists

Course 7: Open Science for Beginners: Why is it Useful for Me and What are the Pitfalls To Avoid?

Course 8: Writing Winning Training Grants: Development, Responding to Critiques, and Incorporating Technology into Proposals

Course 9: We're All in This Together: Establishing, Conducting, and Sustaining Cross-Disciplinary Collaborations

Course 10: Are You Ready for Your Project Kick-Off Meeting? Learn Important Project Management Practices to Get Your Project Up And Running

Course 11: Health Decision Making Student and Early Career Scholar Pre-Conference Workshop: All IN for Mentoring and Career Development

Course 12: Creating, Delivering, and Adapting Virtual Interventions: Through COVID-19 and Beyond

Course 13: Addressing Health Literacy in Behavioral Intervention Development: Deconstruct, Decipher, Decide, and Do

Course 14: Working Effectively with Clients with Chronic Illness and Disability

Course 15: The "Nuts and Bolts" of Developing Health-Related Behavioral Interventions: Understanding and Applying the ORBIT Model

Course 16: Enhancing Behavioral Health Research Studies through Qualitative Methods

Course 17: Practicalities of the Multiphase Optimization Strategy (MOST): How to Effectively & Efficiently Conduct an Optimization Trial

Course 18: Optimizing Delivery of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia via Telehealth: Special Considerations During COVID-19

Course 19: Introduction to Secondary Data Analysis: Enhancing Your Research Skills During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Course 20: R01 Countdown: Tools for Writing Concise and Compelling Grants