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SBM Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA

Friday, April 13, 2012: Symposia

3:45 PM - 5:15 PM

Symposium 19: Information Processing and Decision Making about Cancer Screening: Challenges and Opportunities

Symposium 22: Using Real-Time Mobile Phone Technologies in Physical Activity and Eating Behavior Research

Symposium 23: Translating Physical Activity and Weight Management Research into Population-Level Health Care Interventions

Symposium 24: Ongoing Support for Health: Impacts of “Organizational Home” on Sustainability of Peer Support Programs

Symposium 26: Health Branding: Marketing and Branding Techniques in Health Behavior Change

Symposium 28: Implementing Community-Based Distress Screening for Cancer Patients

Symposium 29: Skin Cancer Prevention: Diverse Approaches to a Growing Problem

Symposium 30: Lessons Learned from Implementing Weight Related Interventions into Community Settings

Symposium 31: Novel Perspectives in Physical Activity Research: Implications for Motivation, Behavior, and Treatment

Symposium 32: Tailored Multiple Risk Factor Interventions for Adolescents

Symposium 33: Race, Ethnicity and Gender in Pain Assessment and Treatment

Symposium 35: How Informational Goals and Uncertainty Affect Health Decision Making: Overview and Recent Findings