Chair: Brian D. Gonzalez, PhD
Co-Chair: Natasha Williams, EdD
Program Development Chair: Eric S. Zhou, PhD
Student Liaison: Jessica R. Dietch

Description/Mission Statement

The Sleep SIG aims to promote awareness of the role of sleep and circadian rhythms in health and well being. The SIG welcomes anyone interested in contributing to this mission, including those who may not have a background or expertise in sleep and circadian rhythms. The SIG will serve as a forum for advancing behavioral sleep medicine through collaboration among SBM members, increasing sleep-related program presentations and workshops at SBM conferences, and supporting junior investigators who have interests in sleep research, clinical assessment and treatment of sleep disorders, and community and organizational policy.

Sleep can often be overlooked as a behavioral medicine issue.  However, sleep parameters are both powerful predictors of health outcomes, as well as measurable consequences of behavior, health status and psychological problems. This bi-directional nature of sleep can be appreciated by considering the number of subtopics of interest at SBM that relate to sleep, such as pain, exercise, obesity, substance use, and chronic illness. Sleep quantity and quality can be improved by behavioral, psychological, educational and environmental interventions, as well as community and organizational policy. As such, the interdisciplinary nature of sleep research reflects that sleep is best understood from a biopsychosocial/environmental perspective and is ideally suited to be a focus of interest for SBM.