Chair: Ana-Maria Vranceanu, PhD
Co-Chair: Sara N. Edmond, PhD
Co-Chair: Bridgett Rahim-Williams, PhD

Description/Mission Statement

Millions of people suffer from painful conditions with wide-ranging physical, psychological, social and economic consequences. Alleviation of these often devastating consequences requires continuing research and development efforts from the biological, psychological and social sciences. Our current understanding of biopsychosocial factors in pain perception and management is largely based on interdisciplinary research and clinical practice. Interdisciplinary efforts have accounted for significant contributions to the understanding of pain including the Gate-Control Theory, the development of a cognitive behavioral perspective of pain, and the role of learning and conditioning in pain. The goal of the Pain Special Interest Group is to advance the understanding of pain and its treatment, according to a biopsychosocial framework. This will be accomplished through: 1) increasing interdisciplinary communication, 2) promoting research, 3) providing education and training for both researchers and clinicians, 4) mentoring students and young professionals, 5) and providing a forum for collaboration between interested individuals and groups.