Obesity and Eating Disorders

Co-Chair: Kathryn Ross, PhD, MPH
Co-Chair: Rebecca Rutkowski, PhD 

Description/Mission Statement

The purpose of the Obesity and Eating Disorders Special Interest Group (OED SIG) is to provide networking, mentorship and scientific training to those interested in obesity, eating disorders and weight-related pathology. Members of the OED SIG also aim to advance the field of obesity and eating disorders through the scholarly pursuit of scientific research, with a special emphasis on submitting federal and private foundation grants. Members of this SIG will also receive guidance on how to develop an academic career in obesity and eating disorders.

Monthly Trainee Conference Calls

Every month, the OED SIG hosts educational conference calls that are free for students and trainees that are SBM members to attend. The purpose of the calls is to provide mentorship and guidance on developing a career in obesity and eating disorders. Each call hosts a different speaker, and trainees are able to attend as many calls as they would like. Details of the call, such as the date, time, and need for RSVP, vary per call. If you have any questions about the conference call series, please contact the OED SIG student liaison Laura Aylward at