Chair: Elizabeth Beverly, PhD
Senior Student Co-Chair: Margaret A. Crawford
Senior Student Co-Chair: Jennalee Wooldridge, MA
Junior Student Co-Chair: Allyson Hughes, MA
Annual Meeting Coordinator: Lyndsay Nelson, PhD

Description/Mission Statement

The Diabetes Special Interest Group (SIG) is designed to be a forum for Society of Behavioral Medicine (SBM) members with an interest in the advancement of behavioral and psychological research in diabetes. Our goals are to (1) increase the presence of high-quality behavioral medicine research in diabetes at the SBM Annual Meeting; (2) encourage interdisciplinary collaboration among researchers, clinicians, educators, and public health advocates that emphasizes the importance of the prevention and treatment of diabetes; and (3) support professional networking and the training of young investigators and students interested in diabetes research. These goals will be accomplished through the collaborative development of submissions for the SBM Annual Meeting, organization of meetings and symposia, communication through our listserv, and other activities that will evolve.

Opportunities to Engage with the Diabetes SIG

Join the Diabetes SIG roster. Contact Anne Hahn if you would like to become a member of the Diabetes SIG and listserv.

Send and receive messages from the Diabetes SIG listserv. To send diabetes-related postings (e.g., publications, job opportunities), simply insert this address into your email recipient list: If you are a member of the Diabetes SIG, you are automatically enrolled in the listserv.

Network at the Annual Meeting. A Google Spreadsheet has been created to facilitate communication and planning for symposia and panel submissions for the Annual Meeting. If you are interested in collaborating with other SIG members please fill in your name, contact information, and topic of interest. If you notice someone else is interested in the same topic, please go ahead and start communication.

Diabetes SIG Policy Briefs

SBM and the Diabetes SIG released a position statement regarding diabetes self-management education and support, quality of care, and diabetes educational materials. This policy statement may be referenced in grants and presentations to provide concrete targets for guidelines and insurance plans.

Diabetes SIG Award Recipients

Congratulations to Molly Tanenbaum, PhD, on being selected for the 2017 Diabetes SIG Early Career Travel Award!


If you are interested in a leadership position within the Diabetes SIG, feel free to contact us.