Special Interest Groups

SBM offers 26 different Special Interest Groups (SIGs) to its members. SIGs provide connection with others whose behavioral medicine interests overlap. Free membership in SIGs is a benefit to all SBM members. To join a SIG or change your SIG preferences, log in to the Members Only section or email

Behavioral Informatics and Technology
Child and Family Health
Complementary and Integrative Medicine
Evidence-Based Behavioral Medicine
Health Decision Making
Health Equity
HIV and Sexual Health
Integrated Primary Care
Military and Veterans' Health
Multiple Health Behavior Change
Obesity and Eating Disorders
Optimization of Behavioral and Biobehavioral Interventions
Physical Activity
Population Health Sciences
Spirituality and Health
Theories and Techniques of Behavior Change Interventions
Trans-Disease Processes
Violence and Trauma
Women's Health

SIG Listservs

Each SIG has a unique listserv email list, facilitating critical networking among colleagues whose behavioral medicine interests overlap. The SIG listservs are intended to facilitate communication among members concerning scientific and administrative issues of professional interest and importance. This medium is an important forum that derives its utility from open access to information related to the scientific and professional mission of the society.

Upon joining SBM, members are automatically subscribed to the listservs of the SIGs they joined on their membership applications. All email messages sent using SIG listservs must adhere to Listserv Terms and Conditions. SBM's Executive Committee approved the Listserv Terms and Conditions on December 14, 2007, and updated them in September 2008 and February 2011. The Executive Committee will revise the guidelines from time to time; society members may provide feedback by contacting any Executive Committee member or SIG chair.

To join a SIG or to be added or removed from a listserv, log in to the Members Only section of the SBM website, click My Profile, then edit the SIG section under the Professional tab. If you have questions or difficulty, email

To submit listserv content, like job postings and funding opportunities, contact Andrew Schmidt at

SIG Manual

The SIG Manual provides information on SIG activities, how to propose a new SIG, establishing a SIG, SIG financial support, membership criteria, chair election protocol, formation of committees, interorganizational linkages, SIG responsibilities, communication with the Board of Directors, and the SIG Listserv Terms and Conditions.

SIG Chair Website

SIG chairs can access a webpage with resources to help them run their SIG here.

Questions About the SIGs?

Please do not hesitate to contact SBM Listserv Administrator and SIG Liaison Andrew Schmidt at