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Spring/Summer 2016

President's Message: Expanding the Reach and Impact of Our Research

James F. Sallis, PhD, SBM president

Early in my career I often added a vague sentence to the discussion section of papers that the results had "policy implications" or could be applied in practice. However, I did not have any idea about how that connection between my research and policy or practice could be made, and making the connection did not seem like my job. I did not realize that few policy makers or practitioners read our journal articles. Now I understand that research translation is mostly a haphazard process, though initiatives like the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force and The Guide to Community Preventive Services are systematically using research to guide changes to practice and policy. As applied researchers, our goal is to use research to improve health, and we do not want our findings to be ignored. There is much that both SBM as an organization and individual members can do to improve the impact of our work.

James F. Sallis, PhD, SBM president »

Board Notes: Advancing Health Policy and Leadership Development

At the March 2016 Board Meeting, Health Policy Committee Chair Joanna Buscemi, PhD, underscored the significant policy and advocacy work the Society of Behavioral Medicine (SBM) has led over the past few years. That work includes yearly visits to Capitol Hill to advocate for research funding for the National Institutes of Health and key endorsements supporting the Prevention and Public Health Fund, Medicare coverage for diabetes prevention, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Partnership to Improve Community Health program, and Senator Elizabeth Warren’s bill to increase biomedical research funding.

Monica L. Baskin, PhD »

2015 Annual Report Shows SBM’s Year in One Infographic

2015 Annual Report Infographic

What did SBM accomplish in 2015? It's all in the 2015 Annual Report infographic.

Society of Behavioral Medicine »

Congratulations to the Recipients of SBM’s 2016 Achievement Awards

Monica L. Wang, ScD, MS; and Brie Turner-McGrievy, PhD, MS, RD

The Society of Behavioral Medicine (SBM) extends a warm congratulations to the following recipients of the society’s 2016 achievement awards. Recipients are pictured below with SBM 2015-16 President Marian L. Fitzgibbon, PhD. Recipients formally received their awards from Dr. Fitzgibbon on March 31, 2016, during SBM’s 37th Annual Meeting & Scientific Sessions at the Washington Hilton in Washington, DC.

Society of Behavioral Medicine »

2016 Annual Meeting: Behavioral Medicine at a Crossroads

The Society of Behavioral Medicine's (SBM) 2016 Annual Meeting & Scientific Sessions kicked off with an exciting opening keynote delivered by Omada Health CEO Sean Duffy. Mr. Duffy told the story of dropping out of Harvard Medical School to launch a company dedicated to bringing the Diabetes Prevention Program to the commercial market. Omada is one of the few digital health companies in the diabetes prevention space to have published their clinical trial data in peer-reviewed journals. Sharing both their story and data with SBM resulted in an exciting overview of the translation of evidence-based interventions into practice.

Kathleen Wolin, ScD; David X. Marquez, PhD; and James F. Sallis, PhD »

ETCD Council Thanks Those Who Volunteered at the 2016 Annual Meeting

Education, Training, and Career Development Council members would like to thank the following Society of Behavioral Medicine (SBM) members who volunteered their time during the SBM 2016 Annual Meeting & Scientific Session in Washington, DC.

Society of Behavioral Medicine »

Leadership Institute Fellows Receiving Valuable Coaching and Mentoring

Lynette Craft, PhD

Society of Behavioral Medicine (SBM) Leadership Institute participant Lynette L. Craft, PhD, FACSM, wasn’t sure what to expect from her institute professional development coach. She’d never received official career coaching before, plus the Leadership Institute was new and she was part of its very first class of fellows. She couldn’t exactly ask someone how their coaching went last year. But as soon as Dr. Craft and her coach started talking on the phone, she knew it was going to be a worthwhile experience.

Society of Behavioral Medicine »

The ETCD Council: SBM’s Year Round Career Development Resource

Meet the Presidents event attendees

The Washington, DC, setting inspired the SBM ETCD council to invite past SBM presidents to staff our 2nd annual “Meet the Professors” small group networking session. For this event the ETCD Council recruited 10 SBM presidents and eight junior faculty partners to facilitate small round-table discussions. Attendees were able to discuss pathways to career success and network in small groups with past SBM presidents and colleagues with similar professional interests.

Nicole Zarrett, PhD »

Research Translation for Military and Veteran Health

“Our clinical partners can’t wait five years for research to be done before they act to prevent suicide among our Veterans,” noted David Atkins, MD, MPH (VA’s Acting Chief Research and Development Officer) while speaking at the Society of Behavioral Medicine's (SBM) 2016 Annual Meeting in Washington, DC. Improving the wellbeing and safety of our military Servicemembers, Veterans, and their families clearly requires accelerated translation of research to practice.  

Society of Behavioral Medicine »

An Interview with Bob Twillman about the National Pain Strategy and How You Can Help

Bob Twillman, PhD, FAPM

This article features an interview with Bob Twillman, PhD, FAPM, executive director of the Academy of Integrative Pain Management (formerly the American Academy of Pain Management). Dr. Twillman is a pain psychologist and a national expert on federal and state pain policies. He is a strong advocate for an integrative and common sense approach to pain management.

Lara Dhingra, PhD »

Career Development for Integrated Primary Care: An Early-Career Psychologists’ Perspective

Any Society of Behavioral Medicine (SBM) member who seeks to understand how to develop a strong professional identity in the health service sector and deliver behavioral medicine interventions in clinical settings, needs to read this personal journey of an early career psychologist. Given SBM’s focus on “translating science to policy and practice,” this brief summary of one professional’s experiences provides great support for the work we need to do more of.

Cerissa L. Blaney, PhD »

Integrating and Optimizing Technology for Behavioral Medicine Interventions for Diabetes: An Interview with Chandra Osborn

Chandra Osborn, PhD, MPH

The Society of Behavioral Medicine (SBM) Diabetes Special Interest Group (SIG) interviewed the 2017 Diabetes SIG Annual Meeting Coordinator Chandra Osborn, PhD, MPH, about using technology to deliver behavioral interventions. Dr. Osborn is an assistant professor of medicine and biomedical informatics and the co-director for the Center for Health Education and Behavior at the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine. She is a social psychologist with expertise in health communication and behavioral informatics.

Naomi Kane, MA; Maggie Crawford, BS; and Amanda Phillips, MS »

Evidence-Based Behavioral Medicine Special Interest Group: A Diverse Group of Scientists, Clinicians, and Policymakers

With 569 members, the Evidence-Based Behavioral Medicine (EBBM) Special Interest Group (SIG) is one of the Society of Behavioral Medicine’s (SBM) largest SIGs. The EBBM SIG membership is comprised of students and professionals interested in further creating an evidence base that allows us to evaluate interventions, improve research methodology, and translate evidence-based knowledge into practice. Given that the mission of the EBBM SIG cuts across nearly every interest area within SBM, the majority of our members are also members of other SIGs.

Joanna Buscemi, PhD, and Heather Jim, PhD »

Misconceptions of the Relationship between Physical Activity and Work-Related Burnout

Shine Chang, PhD

The Physical Activity Special Interest Group (SIG) interviewed Shine Chang, PhD, about the relationship between work-related burnout and physical activity, as well as what current research suggests. Dr. Chang is the director of the Cancer Prevention Research Training Program, a distinguished teaching professor at the University of Texas System, and a professor of epidemiology at the Division of Cancer Prevention and Population Sciences at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center.

Jason D. Cohen, BS »

Career Development for Integrated Primary Care: Trainee Perspective on an Innovative New Curriculum

Across virtually every area of specialized expertise and interest within SBM, those who desire to improve population health in medical settings could benefit from clearly understanding how integrated primary care (IPC) training can help them to meet their goals. In congruence with the timely emphasis that SBM President James F. Sallis, PhD, placed upon translating science to policy and practice, this article highlights the importance of graduate training in order to better prepare for all areas of applied behavioral medicine. On a more pragmatic level, it is also essential that graduate education and training programs respond to growing workforce demands for psychologists to function as full members of IPC health teams.

Mark A. Stillman, PhD; Olivia Gupton, MS; Natasha DePasa, MS; and Keri Dotson, MS »

New Articles from Annals of Behavioral Medicine and Translational Behavioral Medicine

SBM's two journals, Annals of Behavioral Medicine and Translational Behavioral Medicine: Practice, Policy, Research (TBM), continuously publish online articles, many of which become available before issues are printed. Three recently published Annals and TBM online articles are listed below.

Society of Behavioral Medicine »

Honors and Awards

Congratulations to the following Society of Behavioral Medicine (SBM) members who recently received awards or were otherwise honored. To have your honor or award featured in the next issue of Outlook, please email elinc@sbm.org.

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Members in the News

The following Society of Behavioral Medicine (SBM) members and their research were recently featured in news articles or videos. To have your news spot featured in the next issue of Outlook, please email elinc@sbm.org.

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