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Fall 2011
33rd Annual Meeting, April 11-14, 2012, New Orleans

2012 Society of Behavioral Medicine Achievement Awards: Applications Open

The Society of Behavioral Medicine is now accepting applications for its 2012 Achievement Awards. If you would like detailed information about the awards and/or how to apply please visit the Call for Awards page on SBM website. Recipients will be presented with their respective awards at the 33rd Annual Meeting & Scientific Sessions of the Society of Behavioral Medicine, April 11-14, 2012, in New Orleans, LA.   Read more »

Awards Committee Overview

Our society is fortunate to have members who have made many outstanding contributions to developing the evidence for understanding the etiology of important human diseases, for designing and testing evidence-based interventions, and for promoting translations of research into practice. We believe it is important to recognize these contributions, both for us to reward people for their exemplary work and to feel a sense of pride in the accomplishments of our colleagues.  Read more »

Renew Your Membership or Join SBM for 2012

SBM is now accepting membership dues for the 2012 calendar year. Renew your membership or join SBM by using our secure online membership application. If preferred, returning and new members can fill out the hardcopy membership application instead.   Read more »

Update on Education
Update on Education, Career Development, and Training Activities at SBM

The Education, Training and Career Development (ETCD) Council has been active on a number of fronts to meet the professional development needs of SBM members at all stages of their careers. Below are some highlights of our activities over the past year, a preview of upcoming events, and ways that you can get involved. 
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SBM Connections: An Update from the SPLC

The SBM Scientific and Professional Liaison Council (SPLC) aims to build and nurture the relationships that Society of Behavioral Medicine develops with external organizations. SPLC liaisons include those with government agencies, academic organizations, and scientific and professional societies, such as the American Medical Informatics Association, the American Public Health Association, the American Pain Society, and the National Cancer Institute.   Read more »

Military and Veterans' Health
NEW SIG: Military and Veterans' Health

This is an invitation to all SBM members to join a new SBM Special Interest Group (SIG). The Military and Veterans' Health SIG will be an interdisciplinary group of researchers, clinicians, and educators who are committed to promoting research, prevention, clinical assessment and intervention, policy development, education, training, and mentoring in military and Veterans' health.  Read more »

Conversation with an Exemplar for Integrative Medicine Research

The Complementary and Integrative Medicine Special Interest Group (CIM SIG) was formerly known as the Complementary and Alternative Medicine SIG. This change in name more accurately reflects our objective, which is to complement the current best medical practices by integrating additional effective approaches into standard care, not to investigate alternatives to standard care. Along with this change in identity comes our association with the larger emerging field of Integrative Medicine.   Read more »

Ethnic Minority and Multicultural Health SIG
Ethnic Minority and Multicultural Health SIG Update

At each annual meeting, we host a mentorship roundtable event to discuss issues pertinent to our mission. Last year we had a richly informative discussion concerning guidelines to enhance research with ethnic/racial minority populations. We are excited to announce the topic for this year's roundtable discussion in collaboration with Division 38 [Health Psychology] of the American Psychological Association.   Read more »


Integrated Primary Care, often referred to as Collaborative Care, has become very popular recently and is seen as a core element of the patient-centered medical home, a driving force in the changing health care world. For integrated primary care to maintain credibility and influence, more data on the expected benefits of such collaboration is needed. A recent Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) systematic review concluded that integrated and collaborative care was generally effective, but that currently there was no evidence that any particular models were superior or that specific elements account for effectiveness.
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Current Progress and New Initiative Announcement for the Multiple Health Behavior Change Special Interest Group

In this Outlook article, we would like to provide an update on the current state of the MHBC SIG as well as to announce an exciting new initiative! At the 2011 SBM Annual Meeting, Claudio Nigg, PhD, completed his role as co-chair (thank you Claudio for your many years of hard work!). Kerry Evers, PhD, will continue in her role and be joined by Lisa Quintiliani, PhD, who has been involved in many aspects of the SIG in the previous year. In addition to our regular SIG award provided to a citation abstract winner, we are happy to announce that the new student abstract award that we began in 2011 will again be offered in 2012.
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Introducing the New Women's Health SIG Co-Chairs

At the 2011 SBM Annual Meeting, Women's Health SIG former co-chairs Leanne Mauriello, Ph.D, and Zaje Harrell, PhD, passed the reigns of leadership to Christina Psaros, PhD, and Valessa St. Pierre, MS. Both are well-equipped and eager to continue working toward the goals of the Women's Health SIG, including increasing symposia and workshops on women's health topics, advocating for greater representation of society members with expertise in women's health as abstract reviewers, and increasing communication of research, practice, and career development information via the Women's Health SIG listserv. This article highlights our new co-chairs' current research, professional activities, and specific goals to engage the "next generation" of behavioral scientists with interests in women's health.   Read more »

Honors, Awards and Publications

A new feature of Outlook this year showcases some of SBM members' recent honors, awards and publications. If you would like to have your honor, award or publication featured in the next issue please forward the details of your achievement to Amanda Graham, PhD, Outlook Editor. Congratulations to all of the following members.   Read more »

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