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Renew Your Membership or Join SBM for 2012

SBM is now accepting membership dues for the 2012 calendar year.

If you were a dues paying member in 2010 or 2011, renew your membership easily online here:

All others can join SBM by filling out a new member application online here:

If you prefer to fill out a hardcopy membership application, you can access a PDF of the application here:

With record breaking Annual Meeting attendance and steadily increasing membership numbers, 2011 has stood as an outstanding year for the Society of Behavioral Medicine. As year-end approaches we look forward to another stellar year, complete with high-profile Annual Meeting speakers, new resources on SBM's redesigned website, continuing efforts to shape health policy, and opportunities to engage with new partners and perspectives!

Following the 2012 Annual Meeting theme of "Engaging New Partners and Perspectives," in the coming year SBM aims to address the importance of engaging new opportunities to expand the reach of behavioral medicine research and practice by creating new interdisciplinary professional relationships, developing community partnerships, and establishing connections with policymakers.

SBM members will have many opportunities over the coming year to help the Society grow in these areas. Through the 18 Special Interest Groups members can collaborate with other groups and organizations to expand the reach of behavioral medicine to new disciplines and potential partners. Soon, members will be able to take advantage of new resources that facilitate outreach to federal senators and representatives on pertinent legislation.

The SBM Board of Directors is eager to expand the reach of behavioral medicine. We hope that you continue your membership so you can join us in these exciting endeavors.