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Winter 2013
34th Annual Meeting, March 20-23, 2013, San Francisco, CA

San FranciscoSBM 2013 - San Francisco in March!
For annual meeting information, including registration and housing information, please visit www.sbm.org/meetings/2013. It's only a month away and all the preparation that has gone into planning the 34th Annual Meeting & Scientific Sessions of the Society of Behavioral Medicine is nearly complete.   Read more »

SBM Consultation Program: Be a Part of it!

In 2012, the Education, Training and Career Development (ETCD) Council launched a web-based Consultation Program designed to facilitate the exchange of information and resources between SBM members. The Consultation Program can help overcome real or perceived barriers to approaching an SBM colleague with a question. Read more »

Development Committee Update

The Development Committee for the Society of Behavioral Medicine has been working to renew past sources of support for our Society, and to establish new relationships with organizations that share our interest in supporting and disseminating evidence-based behavioral interventions that maintain and improve physical and mental health and quality of life for patients.  Read more »

Health Policy Committee Update

The Health Policy Committee (HPC) identifies, assesses and develops key opportunities to inform the policy debate at the federal level on issues related to the SBM mission. The Committee seeks to develop policy positions for the Society to be reviewed and approved by the Executive Committee acting for the Board. These briefs are designed to highlight the contributions of behavioral medicine in advancing healthcare and public health.  Read more »

Child and Family Health SIGChild & Family Health SIG Update

"At last the mighty task is done" is the first line of Joseph Strauss's poem that he wrote upon completion of the Golden Gate Bridge in 1937. Although the task of building it was complete, the bridge's usefulness in joining lands separated by the strait remains to this day. Bridges are our great connectors - allowing commerce and communication to more easily be established.  Read more »

Obesity and Eating Disorders SIG Update

The Obesity and Eating Disorders SIG is committed to fostering interdisciplinary research and training in the areas of obesity and eating disorders, and strives to provide an environment of mentorship and support to students and junior investigators in these areas. As such, we are excited to be recognizing outstanding research abstracts from our graduate student members at the upcoming 2013 Annual Meeting in San Francisco, CA through our Obesity and Eating Disorders SIG Graduate Student Research Award.  Read more »

Behavioral Informatics SIGBehavioral Informatics SIG: 2013 Annual Meeting Events: Excitement and Evidence

The rapid evolution and uptake of technologies such as smart phones and tablets, Twitter™, and electronic and personal health records has reinforced the need to understand how such tools are being used by individuals and groups for health-related purposes.  Read more »

Cancer SIG Update
The Need for International Collaborative Psycho-Oncology Research

Undoubtedly, high quality collaborative research is the future of cancer control efforts. Basic science, medical and technological advances in the detection and treatment of cancer promise success in cancer control. Yet, ubiquitous challenges remain when such advances are translated to individuals or populations.  Read more »

Student SIGStudent SIG Update

In light of SBM's upcoming annual meeting topic of "Technology: the Excitement and the Evidence", I interviewed Heather S.L. Jim, PhD, assistant member at Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, FL, who researches side effects and increasing quality of life in cancer patients undergoing treatment.   Read more »

Mama Move ProjectThe Mama Move Project: Increasing Physical Activity in new mothers by encouraging Moms to actively exercise with their infant

Becoming a mother is a significant transition in a woman's life accompanied by changes in social, cultural, economic, and family factors that can change a woman's priorities with respect to her health behaviors. Up to one-year postpartum, 57% of women are sedentary/underactive, reporting they rarely or never exercise and studies demonstrate women with children are more inactive than their same age/gender peers without children. Read more »

Newest Issues of Annals of Behavioral Medicine and Translational Behavioral Medicine

SBM's two journals, Annals of Behavioral Medicine and Translational Behavioral Medicine (TBM), continuously publish articles online, many of which become available before issues are printed. A few of the newest Annals and TBM articles currently accessible online are listed below. Read more »

Honors & Awards

This article showcases some of SBM members' recent honors and awards. If you would like to have your honor or award featured in the next issue, please forward the details of your achievement to Amanda Graham, PhD, Outlook Editor. Congratulations to all of the following members.  Read more »

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