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Behavioral Health and Lifestyle Change, Therapist

The Casey Health Institute (CHI) is a unique 501 (c) 3, public, not- for-profit, clinical health Center. The Institute was carefully researched and developed by a team of pioneering physicians, health care professionals, and business experts who created an innovative model for a financially sustainable "Integrative Health Ecosystem". This model integrates traditional allopathic "Western" medicine with Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) in the setting of a primary care-Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH). It is highly focused on behavioral and lifestyle change.

We are looking for a psychodynamically oriented, behavioral therapist, sensitive to the interactions of emotions, mind, and body, to be part of a team of health care providers at the Casey Health Institute. Responsibilities include both counseling and helping design and implement a wellness program that involves teaching and behavioral approaches to lifestyle change in both the chronically ill and those interested in optimizing their health. Other responsibilities include involvement in creating an active group therapy program, facilitating group medical appointments, and community education programs.

Nancy Starbuck, Practice Administrator