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Obesity and Eating Disorders SIG Update

By Jessica Gokee LaRose, PhD, Obesity & Eating Disorders SIG Liaison

The Obesity and Eating Disorders SIG is committed to fostering interdisciplinary research and training in the areas of obesity and eating disorders, and strives to provide an environment of mentorship and support to students and junior investigators in these areas. As such, we are excited to be recognizing outstanding research abstracts from our graduate student members at the upcoming 2013 Annual Meeting in San Francisco, CA through our Obesity and Eating Disorders SIG Graduate Student Research Award. Three recipients will receive a monetary award based on the scientific merit, methods and implications of their work. Awards will be presented during our midday SIG meeting. In addition, the 2013 meeting promises to offer many excellent symposia, lectures, and networking opportunities for those interested in weight related research.

At the 2013 meeting, the Obesity and Eating Disorders SIG is sponsoring a symposium and co-hosting a joint midday meeting with the Theories and Techniques of Behavior Change Interventions SIG and the Physical Activity SIG. The symposium, entitled "Integrated Care Team Approaches for Treatment of Obesity", will include a review of the evidence supporting an integrated care approach. In addition, leaders will discuss what constitutes an integrated care team, as well as the role of psychologists in this approach to obesity treatment. Outcome data will be presented and the challenges and implications of implementing this type of approach in clinical care settings will be discussed. The OED SIG will also be co-hosting a midday meeting titled "The Role of Behavior Change Theories in Behavioral Interventions for Obesity: Opportunities and Challenges," which will provide a forum for members of the Obesity and Eating Disorders SIG, the Theories SIG, and the Physical Activity SIG to come together to discuss challenges and strategies for assessing theoretical constructs hypothesized to influence behavior change within obesity interventions. In particular, we will discuss how new strategies and technological advances can be developed and/or employed to enhance research efforts in this important area. We welcome anyone interested to attend our cross-SIG midday meeting.

Of note, there are several other events scheduled for the 2013 meeting that may be of interest to members of the Obesity and Eating Disorders SIG. NIH and SBM are sponsoring a workshop entitled "Stress and Obesity: Basic, Translational & Clinical Perspectives." Additionally, a symposium entitled "Why Weigh Every Day? Interventions Promoting Daily Weighing Across the Weight Management Spectrum" will describe the design and delivery for four novel interventions that promote daily weighing within controlled trials for weight gain prevention, weight loss, and weight loss maintenance. And finally, C. Barr Taylor, MD is presenting a Master Lecture titled "Using Technology for Prevention in Defined Populations: Body Image, Obesity, and Eating Disorders."

We are excited about the upcoming annual meeting and look forward to seeing OED SIG members and those who are interested in becoming involved at our SIG meeting!