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Winter 2009
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Key Dates

SBM's 30th Annual Meeting & Scientific Sessions
Behavioral Medicine: From Evidence to Practice and Policy
April 22-25, 2009
Palais des Congrès de Montréal - Montreal, Canada

March 20, 2009 11:59 ET
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Bonnie Spring, PhD, ABPP

Evidence-Based Practice: New Learning Resources to "Mind the Gap"

London subway travelers are repeatedly urged to "Mind the Gap!" The message calls attention to the (often nontrivial) physical gulf between the station platform and the train floor. I now keep a "Mind the Gap" emblem on my computer screen. It reminds me that behavioral medicine needs to cross a comparably insidious gap: the one between what we know scientifically and what we apply in health care practice. Read more >>

Special Interest Groups

Cancer SIG

In the past decade, continued medical advancements have seen further improvements in the detection and treatment of various types of malignancies. Notwithstanding these efforts, being diagnosed and treated for cancer continues to be a challenging life experience associated with potential debilitating immediate and longer-term side-effects for over 1 million people who are diagnosed with cancer each year in the U.S alone.

family hikingChild and Family Health SIG

The Context. Our society faces enormous challenges in our economy, our future and our health. Although many pharmacological and behavioral intervention advances have been made by researchers across the country, some 40 years or more adherence to therapy, life style reform, and useful behavioral interventions to promote health we still face the same problems found in Biblical times among the Pharohs as their remains show: chronic diseases such as diabetes, atherosclerosis, stroke, and obesity.   Read more >>

Obesity and Eating Disorders SIG

Computers, the Internet and related technologies are revolutionizing how people communicate and the enjoyments they get from life. Health behaviorists need to learn how to use these new technologies to promote diet and physical activity (PA) change.   Read more >>

Student SIG

The road since I began my doctoral program has taken several unexpected turns. When the journey began, I intended to work with veterans returning from combat duty. A bend on the road led me towards Health Psychology, particularly Lifestyle Medicine, which had a significant impact on me both personally and professionally.   Read more >>

Practice Guidelines Working Group

Guideline Development: Paul Jacobsen, PhD, Chair. Members: Bonnie Spring, PhD, ABPP, Peter Kaufman, PhD, Daniel Cukor, PhD, Suzanne Miller, PhD, David Mohr, PhD, Karen Mustian, PhD, Parbhu Ponkshe, MA, LLB. This group was formed in March, 2008 to explore the need and feasibility of developing evidence-based practice guidelines.   Read more >>

handshakeA Preview of Coming Attractions at the Annual Meeting, from the Education, Training and Career Development Council (ETCD)

The ETCD council is sponsoring a number of activities at the upcoming SBM meeting in Montreal. Activities address important issues for attendees of varying interests and career stages.   Read more >>

Membership Benefits

Now is the time to join or renew your membership in the Society of Behavioral Medicine (SBM). Membership provides a collective opportunity to advance scientific knowledge, shape research agendas, and enhance clinical practices. By joining SBM you can build lasting, collegial relationships - throughout the country - help grow the field and convey your commitment to professional development.   Read more >>

Focus on SBM Scientific and Professional Liaisons

Highlight: American Heart Association The Society of Behavioral Medicine (SBM) and the American Heart Association (AHA) currently have more similarities than differences in relation to core elements of their respective mission and goals. Some of the similarities include a focus on interdisciplinary research and training initiatives, a valuing of multi-level efforts designed to promote individual and population health, and an emphasis on partnering with other organizations in selected activities that are consistent with the mission and vision.  Read more >>

US Capital
SBM's Health Policy Committee-Opportunities for Change

President Obama has an ambitious agenda on a variety of major national issues, including energy, wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the economic crisis, and of course health care. Few presidents have taken office with such a multitude of challenges confronting the White House and the Congress, even before the viewing stands are built along Pennsylvania Avenue for the inaugural day parade.   Read more >>

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