Outlook: A Quarterly Newsletter of the Society of Behavorial Medicine
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Practice Guidelines Working Group

Guideline Development: Paul Jacobsen, PhD, Chair. Members: Bonnie Spring, PhD, ABPP, Peter Kaufman, PhD, Daniel Cukor, PhD, Suzanne Miller, PhD, David Mohr, PhD, Karen Mustian, PhD, Parbhu Ponkshe, MA, LLB.

This group was formed in March, 2008 to explore the need and feasibility of developing evidence-based practice guidelines. It was determined that there is need in the area of adherence, and that SBM could make a contribution in this area. Initial efforts will focus on developing guidelines for promoting adherence to exercise recommendations and to oral medication regimens for hypertension and/or hypercholesterolemia. SBM members who are experts in these two areas have been identified and have agreed to lead the guideline development. For oral medication regimens, guideline development will be co-chaired by Ira Ockene, MD and Jacqueline Dunbar-Jacob, PhD. For exercise, Jack Rejeski, PhD and Lawrence R. Brawley, PhD have agreed to co-chair. Initial efforts will focus on defining the process for constructing and disseminating evidence-based guidelines on these two topics.