Outlook: A Quarterly Newsletter of the Society of Behavorial Medicine
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Membership Benefits

Now is the time to join or renew your membership in the Society of Behavioral Medicine (SBM). Membership provides a collective opportunity to advance scientific knowledge, shape research agendas, and enhance clinical practices. By joining SBM you can build lasting, collegial relationships - throughout the country - help grow the field and convey your commitment to professional development.

Members in this prestigious Society include behavioral and biomedical researchers and clinicians who study the interactions of behavior, physiological and biochemical states, and morbidity and mortality. SBM provides the many disciplines represented with an interactive network for education and collaboration on common research, clinical and public policy concerns related to prevention, diagnosis and treatment, rehabilitation, and health promotion.

Membership benefits are numerous and include:

  • Reduced Annual Meeting registration fees - by approximately 50% compared to non members

  • Access to two publications vital to the field of behavioral medicine: Annals of Behavioral Medicine and The International Journal of Behavioral Medicine. Articles in SBM's journal, Annals of Behavioral Medicine, continue to be highly cited in scientific literature and receive increasing media visibility. Annals of Behavioral Medicine is among the top three general behavioral medicine and health journals. The International Journal of Behavioral Medicine, the official publication of the International Society of Behavioral Medicine, is dedicated to disseminating original research that has significant theoretical and/or practical knowledge for better understanding concepts within the behavioral medicine field.

  • Special Interest Group (SIG) membership. SBM offers 17 SIGs, comprising:
    • Aging
    • Behavioral Informatics
    • Cancer
    • Child and Family Health
    • Complementary and Alternative Medicine
    • Diabetes
    • Ethnic Minority and Multicultural Health
    • Evidence-Based Behavioral Medicine
    • Healthy Decision Making
    • Integrated Primary Care
    • Multiple Health Behavior Change
    • Obesity and Eating Disorders
    • Pain
    • Physical Activity
    • Spirituality and Health
    • Student
    • Women's Health

    SIG members enjoy access to SIG listservs, an efficient networking tool providing pertinent and timely information on new research, grant notifications, job postings and general requests for participation in field-related activities. Membership in a SIG also provides an opportunity to play an active role in planning pre Annual Meeting & Scientific Sessions courses.

  • Access to the Membership Search Directory, which allows members to quickly find other members who have conducted research or hold an interest in similar specialty areas.

  • A chance to receive a 25% discount on all books published by Springer Publishing Company. To receive the discount, SBM Members need only enter a promotion code when ordering materials. (Please contact the National office at (414) 918-3156 for the code.) Books can be ordered through Springer's toll-free Customer Service number 1-800-777-4643 or online at www.springer.com

  • Depending on membership category, the chance to vote on important SBM matters, including Officer and Member Delegate elections and SBM Bylaws amendments.

For additional membership information please visit the SBM Web site at www.sbm.org or contact SBM National Headquarters at info@sbm.org. Membership application forms are available at www.sbm.org/membership.