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A Preview of Coming Attractions at the Annual Meeting, from the Education, Training and Career Development Council

handshakeThe ETCD council is sponsoring a number of activities at the upcoming SBM meeting in Montreal. Activities address important issues for attendees of varying interests and career stages.

As in past years, the Council will once again be sponsoring the popular Dinners with an Expert. These planned events, to be held off-site, will take place over dinner and will last approximately 90 minutes. Identified experts for each dinner will open the roundtable discussions with a quick presentation, including participant introductions, a brief overview of the identified topic area, and an overview of a few discussion points on emerging issues related to the identified topic area. Space at each table will be limited to 5-6 participants per expert. Interested? Sign up for the Dinners with an Expert will be available on the bulletin boards near registration and will be on a first come-first served basis.

Also returning are Expert Consultations, which will be scheduled during the Midday Meeting times on both Thursday and Friday of the meeting. Look for information on the Consultants on the SBM website and conference program.

Graduate students and early and transitioning careerists may be interested in attending the Breakfast Roundtable on Clinical Work in Behavioral Medicine Careers. The roundtable setting will offer an approachable format for asking questions and obtaining information regarding clinical settings and practice.

Graduate students may also enjoy the Graduate Research Panel, during which faculty will discuss selecting and managing graduate research projects and working productively with faculty mentors and committees. There will be considerable time set aside for questions and discussion at this session, a returning favorite.

Two Career Development Panels will be held this year. One Panel will address Improving Negotiation Skills in Behavioral Medicine Careers. Negotiation strategies are not typically taught within most graduate school curricula, nor are they emphasized in pre-doctoral and postdoctoral training programs as much as most trainees would like. The purpose of this panel is to offer strategies to students, trainees, and others who are either entering into the behavioral medicine job world for the first time or are interested in applying for a new or advanced position and would like to improve their negotiation skills. Areas for consideration across a variety of behavioral medicine careers will be discussed, as well as considerations to be made at different points in one's career trajectory. Panelists will share perspectives and experiences from different career stages and behavioral medicine career settings. Another Panel will focus on Women's Perspectives on Achieving a Healthy Work/Life Balance. The purpose of this panel is to provide diverse perspectives on career trajectories and work-life balance specific to women. Panelists will discuss their own experiences and decision making processes related to establishing priorities and work life balance. This discussion will offer insight into long-range career planning while managing multiple responsibilities and life interests. Panelists include individuals in academic, clinical, healthcare, and industry settings who have varied interests and lifestyles. Issues relevant across all career stages will be addressed. Panelists will describe various levels of support and conflict they encountered toward achieving work and life balance. Resources available for women at various stages of their careers in research, clinical, healthcare, and industry settings will be shared.

Meeting attendees are encouraged to take advantage of these timely and diverse education and career development opportunities.