SBM Annual Meeting, Washington, DC - April 27-30, 2011
SBM Annual Meeting, Washington, DC - April 27-30, 2011SBM Annual Meeting, Washington, DC - April 27-30, 2011

Session Presentations

Thursday, April 28: Paper Sessions

Paper Session 01: From Virtual to Reality: Innovative Physical Activity Promotion Strategies

Paper Session 02: Emerging Issues in Head and Neck Cancer

Paper Session 03: Factors Affecting Self-management and Glycemic Control among Pediatric Populations with Type 1 Diabetes

Paper Session 04: Prostate and Breast Cancer: An Examination of QOL, Cognitive Functioning, and Intervention Strategies

Paper Session 05: Moderating Effects on the Experience of Chronic Pain

Paper Session 06: HIV Risk, Medication Adherence and Disease Progression

Paper Session 07: It's Off to Work We Go - Worksite-based Health Promotion

Paper Session 08: Emerging Predictors of Obesity-related Attitudes and Behaviors in Theory and Practice

Paper Session 09: Social Contextual Influences on Health

Paper Session 10: Treating the Nation's Veterans: Strategies for Addressing Depression, Obesity, & Hypertension

Paper Session 11: Innovations in Cardiovascular Behavioral Medicine Research

Paper Session 12: Putting it in Context: Environmental, Social, and Psychological Correlates of Physical Activity

Paper Session 13: Approaches for Improving and Evaluating Patient-Provider Communication

Paper Session 14: Understanding Responses to Genetic Testing and Factors Influencing Decision Making

Paper Session 15: Psycho-social Functioning among Lung Cancer Patients: Blame, Panic, Fatigue, Physical Activity and Smoking Abstinence

Paper Session 16: Emerging Issues in Diabetes Control

Paper Session 17: Infertility, Pregnancy, and Postpartum Health

Paper Session 18: Findings from Childhood Obesity Interventions in Schools, and with Parents