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Annals of Behavioral Medicine

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Annals of Behavioral Medicine is one of the Society of Behavioral Medicine's two journals. Annals aims to foster the exchange of knowledge derived from the disciplines involved in the field of behavioral medicine, and the integration of biological, psychosocial, and behavioral factors and principles as they relate to such areas as health promotion, disease prevention, risk factor modification, disease progression, adjustment and adaptation to physical disorders, and rehabilitation. To achieve these goals, much of the journal is devoted to the publication of original empirical articles including reports of randomized controlled trials, observational studies, or other basic and clinical investigations. Integrative reviews of the evidence for the application of behavioral interventions in health care will also be provided. These reviews apply the standards of evidence-based medicine and help bridge the gap between basic science and clinical practice in behavioral medicine.

Impact Factor: According to 2012 Journal Citation Reports, the 2-year impact factor is 3.169 in and the 5-year impact factor is 4.877.

Editor-in-Chief: Christopher R. France, PhD

Reviewer Mentorship Program

Do you have a graduate student or post-doc whom you'd like to mentor to become a journal reviewer? 

The skill of appraising scientific publications is a critically important one for scientists in training for behavioral medicine. Many faculty informally mentor their students in performing peer review, but the students often remain invisible to journal editors. Annals of Behavioral Medicine is renewing its mentorship program in which selected senior reviewers identify a student reviewer whose reviews they plan to oversee. Both the mentor and the student reviewer will be recognized in the journal's official acknowledgment of reviewers that is published each year. Additionally, after completing three mentored reviews the student will be promoted to full reviewer status for the journal and will no longer be required to have mentorship to participate in the review process. 

If you are interested in serving as a reviewer mentor, please contact Annals of Behavioral Medicine Managing Editor Dr. Janis France at and provide: (1) name and email address of the mentor, (2) name and email address of the proposed mentee(s), and 3) a list of the mentor's area(s) of expertise to be used in assigning manuscripts.

Calls for Papers

Submit online.

Subscription Information

Subscription to the journal is included in the annual membership dues to the Society of Behavioral Medicine. Questions about your membership subscription to the journal should be sent to

Read articles online by accessing Annals of Behavioral Medicine electronically through the Members Only section of the SBM website.

Institutional Subscription Information

Institutional subscriptions for Annals are managed by Springer Science + Business Media. To obtain information about institutional subscriptions to the journal, please call 1-800-777-4643 or, if calling internationally, 49-6221-345-4303.

Visit the Annals of Behavioral Medicine Springer Science + Business Media page to access more information about Annals including instructions to authors, calls for papers and a list of the top most downloaded articles.

Annals is managed by Springer Science + Business Media.
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