SBM Annual Meeting, Washington, DC - April 27-30, 2011
SBM Annual Meeting, Washington, DC - April 27-30, 2011SBM Annual Meeting, Washington, DC - April 27-30, 2011

Session Presentations

Saturday, April 30: Paper Sessions

Paper Session 19: Physical Activity across the Lifespan

Paper Session 20: Cancer screening: Implementation, Uptake and Psychosocial Consequences

Paper Session 21: Meaning, Mindfulness and Forgiveness

Paper Session 22: Technology Based Interventions for Cancer Risk Behaviors

Paper Session 23: Improving Diabetes Self Management

Paper Session 24: Matters of Substance: Factors Influencing Alcohol and Tobacco Use

Paper Session 25: Mood Disorders among Cancer and Polytrauma Patients: Myths or Reality?

Paper Session 26: Community-Based & Clinical Obesity Interventions Targeting Low-income Populations

Paper Session 27: Racial Discrimination: A Social Determinant of Health

Paper Session 28: Physical Activity and Chronic Disease

Paper Session 29: Dissemination of Lifestyle Interventions: From Theory to Practice

Paper Session 30: The Ramifications of Having Cancer as a Child: Implications for Parents and Survivorship

Paper Session 31: Psychosocial Influences on Cardiovascular and Neuroendocrine Parameters

Paper Session 32: Global HIV Prevention Research in Emerging Countries

Paper Session 33: Models and Strategies for Predicting and Promoting HPV Vaccinations

Paper Session 34: Emerging Issues among Rural Populations: Challenges and Opportunities

Paper Session 35: Tobacco Use across Diverse Populations

Paper Session 36: Novel Obesity Intervention Strategies