31st Annual Meeting & Scientific Sessions

Session Presentations

Thursday, April 8 - Paper Sessions

Paper Session 01
'Chasing the Sandman': Fatigue, Sleep, and Sleep Quality

Paper Session 02
'All Tweakend Long': OTC and Methamphetamine Use

Paper Session 03
'It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood': Social Context and Health

Paper Session 04
'Doctor, Doctor': Provider Characteristics and Behavior Change

Paper Session 05
'Viviendo en los Estados Unidos': The Hispanic Experience

Paper Session 06
'Try a Little Tenderness': Prostate and Bladder Cancer: Results from Interventions and Exploratory Studies

Paper Session 07
'Using the Interwebs': Novel Approaches to Behavior Change

Paper Session 09
'Smokin' in the Boy's Room': Adolescent Smoking and Cessation Efforts

Paper Session 10
'Measurin' Up': Physical Activity Assessment Methods

Paper Session 11
'Unchain My Heart': Psychosocial Targets for Intervention Among Patients with Cardiovascular Disease

Paper Session 12
Theories, Telephones, and the Web: Oh, My!': Intervention Strategies for Various Populations

Paper Session 13
'Don't Come Home a Drinkin' (with Lovin' on Your Mind)': Sexual Behaviors in Adults and Adolescents

Paper Session 14
'Relax (Don't Do It)': Complementary and Alternative Approaches to Stress Reduction

Paper Session 15
'Sugar, Oh, Sugar, Sugar': Psychosocial and Affective Contributors to Diabetes Management

Paper Session 16
'Thank You for Not Smoking': Results from Cutting Edge Smoking Interventions

Paper Session 17
'On Pins and Needles': HPV Vaccination Information Needs, Message Framing, and Acceptance

Paper Session 18
'Eat It, Just Eat It': Approving Foods and Physical Activity Environments



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