31st Annual Meeting & Scientific Sessions

Session Presentations

Saturday, April 10 - Paper Sessions

Paper Session 19
'Start Me Up': Factors Influencing Program Adoption

Paper Session 20
'Losin' It': Novel Weight Loss Strategies

Paper Session 21
'Hurt': Innovative Approaches for Chronic Pain Disorders

Paper Session 22
'Body and Soul': Current Issues in Stem Cell Transplant Research

Paper Session 23
'I'm Just a Bill': Policy Approaches for Behavior

Paper Session 24
'Risky Business': HIV Risk Behaviors

Paper Session 25
'Stop Dragging My Heart Around': Strategies to Enhance Adherence Among Patients with Cardiovascular Disease

Paper Session 26
'I Can't Get No Satisfaction': Quality of Life and Diabetes

Paper Session 27
'We are the World': Health Disparities in the Treatment of Cancer, Diabetes, and Depression

Paper Session 28
Don't Walk on the Sunny Side of the Street': Skin Cancer and Melanoma Risk

Paper Session 29
'Shake it Fast': Behavioral and Social Correlates of Weight Loss

Paper Session 30
'Twist and Shout': Novel Approaches to Physical Activity Promotion Among Children and Adolescents

Paper Session 31
'It's Five O'clock Somewhere': Alcohol Risk Factors, Binge Drinking, and Interventions

Paper Session 32
A, B, C...Easy as 1, 2, 3': Teaching, Interventions, and Educational Programs

Paper Session 33
'Livin' on a Prayer': Spirituality and Health

Paper Session 34
'Say it Loud': Health Communication for HIV Risk Reduction

Paper Session 35
'Don't Know Much About Biology': Biological and Neuro-cognitive Bases of Behavior

Paper Session 36
When Smoke gets in your Eyes': Smoking, Genes, Sleep & the Internet



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