Thursday, April 23 - Paper Sessions

Paper Session #01:
Emerging Issues for Breast Cancer Survivors

Paper Session #02:
Prevention IS Key: Weight Gain Prevention Research

Paper Session #03:
Biobehavioral Mechanisms in Healthy and Chronic Disease Populations

Paper Session #04:
Translation and Dissemination Research in Health Care and Community Settings

Paper Session #05:
What's Going on "Down There"? Predictions of Colorectal Screening

Paper Session #06:
Mom's the Word: Pregnancy, Weight, and Health

Paper Session #07:
Feeling the Blues: The Role of Depression in Cardiovascular Disease

Paper Session #08:
Genetics: Testing Acceptability and Influences in Health

Paper Session #09:
Physical Activity, Cognitive Processes, and Quality of Life in Older Adults

Paper Session #10:
What a Pain: Psychosocial Processes and Interventions in Pain Populations

Paper Session #11:
Innovations in Community-Based Participatory Research (CBPR)

Paper Session #12:
Been Around the Block a Few Times? Neighborhood and Environmental Factors in Physical Activity

Paper Session #13:
Changing Lifestyle Behaviors in Minority Populations

Paper Session #14:
Debilitating Effects of Cancer Treatment: Impact on Sex Function, Fatigue and Cognition

Paper Session #15:
Prostate Cancer: Psychosocial Issues from Screening to Survivorship

Paper Session #16:
It's All Fun and Games: Multimedia Approaches to Lifestyle Change

Paper Session #17:
Let's Talk About Sex: Psychosocial Factors Associated with HIV and STI Risk

Paper Session #18:
For God's Sake: Spirituality and Illness

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