Friday, April 24 - Paper Sessions

Paper Session #19:
Primary and Secondary HIV Risk Prevention

Paper Session #20:
Psychosocial and Biobehavioral Processes in Cardiovascular Disease

Paper Session #21:
Let's Get Digital: Web-based Interventions for Weight Loss and Physical Activity

Paper Session #22:
Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me: Skin Cancer Prevention Research

Paper Session #23:
From Bench to Clinic: The Promise of HPV Vaccination

Paper Session #24:
Get Healthy: It's the Law! What Happens When Health Becomes Policy

Paper Session #25:
Innovative Approaches to Physical Activity and Dietary Change

Paper Session #26:
Working with Veterans: Approaches in Primary and Secondary Prevention in the VA

Paper Session #28:
Time to Wake Up: From Basic Mechanisms to Psychosocial Interventions in Sleep

Paper Session #29:
Meditate on This: Advances in Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Paper Session #30:
Barriers to Health and Participation in Ethnic Minorities

Paper Session #31:
Health Literacy, Tailoring Affect and Attitudes: Implications for Interventions

Paper Session #32:
Losing It: Weight Loss Motivation and Maintenance

Paper Session #33:
Up in Smoke: Current Topics in Tobacco Research

Paper Session # 34:
Improving Measurement Across Specific Populations

Paper Session #35:
Psychological Co-Morbidities of Obesity and Health Risk

Paper Session #36:
Kids on the Move: Physical Activity from Preschool to Highschool

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