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Webinar: Using Social Media to Advocate for Women, Children, and Families

Find out how researchers can utilize social media platforms (e.g., twitter) as tools to advocate for important issues related to women, children, and families

Article: The Value of a Social Media Presence

Find out how having a social media presence can benefit your research and practice.

Article: What is a Twitter Chat?

Here is all you need to know regarding Twitter chats including steps you need to take before, during, and after.

Article: Twitter Chat Example

Esther Choo, MD, and Sherry Pagoto, PhD, share in an archived Twitter chat how academics can use social media to advocate for science and policy.

SBM's Science Communication Facebook Group

This group is dedicated to science communication in behavioral medicine and health psychology. Join to see real sci comm, ask questions, and celebrate all things sci comm.

Tip Sheet: How to Use Twitter for Sci Comm

Although there are many social media platforms which you may choose to engage with, here we provide recommendations for Twitter.