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Webinar: Communicating Your Science

Watch this engaging webinar on what it means to communicate your science to the public through op-eds.

Article: Sample Pitch Email

Find op-ed success with this sample pitch email by SBM members Rebecca Krukowski, PhD, and Carly Goldstein, PhD.

Article: SBM Member Op-Ed Examples

Check out various SBM members' published op-eds, on topics ranging from mental health, racial/ethnic disparities, COVID-19, and more.

Article: Op-Ed Rejected? Don’t Give Up!

Robert M. Kaplan, PhD, has written over 40 op-eds in various publications. Find out what lessons he has learned along the way.

Tip Sheet: Purpose of an Op-Ed

The overarching goal of an op-ed is to present a persuasive opinion about a specific topic that is related to one of your areas of expertise. Check out these specific tips for both how to write an op-ed and how to pitch an op-ed to editors.