Outlook: Newsletter of the Society of Behavorial Medicine

SBM Membership Renewals Opened this Month–With No Dues Increase

Lorna Haughton McNeill, PhD, MPH, Membership Council chair

The Society of Behavioral Medicine (SBM) opened 2017 membership renewals and new member sign-ups this month.

Easy, one-page renewal forms are on their way to your mailbox right now. You can also renew online.

Membership dues will not increase for 2017. Although many of SBM’s expenses increase annually with inflation, SBM leadership has made a concerted effort to keep the cost of dues low. We know that many of you pay for your dues out of your own pockets. We do not want cost to prohibit you from staying involved in SBM. This society is my “professional home,” and I want it to remain yours too.

To make sure SBM remains the home for the next generation of SBM leaders, students will now be able to allocate $2 of their dues to one of our special interest groups (SIGs), and our senior members can give an extra dollar or two to the Student SIG to help cultivate programming for SBM’s future leaders.

Renewing your membership connects you to a vibrant group of more than 2,300 multidisciplinary professionals who value behavioral medicine and its potential impact as much as you do. (In fact, SBM has a record 2,343 members and counting for 2016!) Members have access to resources that help advance careers, science, and global health.

Renewing means you'll be able to register for SBM's upcoming 2017 Annual Meeting at a discounted rate, saving hundreds of dollars! Members also save money on Annual Meeting course fees and continuing education credits. Other member benefits include access to job postings and funding opportunities; membership in one or more of SBM's behavioral medicine SIGs; and subscriptions to SBM's two journals (Annals of Behavioral Medicine and Translational Behavioral Medicine).

Your renewal also shows support for important SBM activities, like fighting for increased National Institutes of Health funding and focusing decision-makers' attention on behavioral medicine research to ensure health policies are truly evidence-based.

Don't delay! Renew early to ensure your member benefits do not lapse. I know I will.