Outlook: Newsletter of the Society of Behavorial Medicine

Spring 2021

Editor's Note: Spring Forward and Go All IN

Crystal Lumpkins, PhD; Editor, Outlook

Crystal Lumpkins, PhD

Happy Spring! As we prepare to see each other in the first-ever virtual SBM Annual Meeting and Scientific Sessions in April, we can certainly embrace the often used expression that “spring has sprung”. We are in a season where we are witnessing longer days, warmer weather, new life (through nature) and can position ourselves to spring forward and to go All IN.

Springtime, for our society, also means that we are approaching an opportunity to recharge, reconnect and renew our energies in the work that we do. In this issue of Outlook, we highlight several of our SIGs that are on the cusp of something new, celebrating change and or positioning for change.

The ETCD’s new Early Career Researcher Mentoring Program and the SBM Diversity Institute for Emerging Leaders will give early career members an opportunity to gain experience for a strong trajectory of leadership. We also highlight the Scientific and Professional Liaison Council’s (SPLC) efforts to form new partnerships and expand the reach of SBM.

Readers also will have the opportunity to learn more about the Women Health SIG’s Call To Action on Racial Injustice and Systemic Racism. We also remember two landmarks in Sexual Health and celebrate strides to address stigma and discrimination among marginalized populations.

The BIT SIG showcases a Digital Health Checklist and Framework to inform digital health research and the Student SIG discusses the importance of a Resilience-Oriented approach to care for Behavioral Medicine Practitioners. The Cancer SIG also provides a provocative piece on the science of cancer caregiving and the inclusivity of caregivers into research design.

Finally, as we spring forward into this year and also through the next phase of the pandemic, we see a glimpse into the aftermath and impact of this public health crisis on various forms on Population Health. The PHS SIG discusses the “ecodemic” and how the pandemic has contributed to a “diseased ecosystem” and Dr. Stephanie Fitzpatrick, SBM Member Delegate, highlights the value of Community Based and Faith Based Organizations and how these organizations have been at the forefront to disseminate behavioral medicine. As always, we hope that this issue of Outlook will be resourceful and resonate with you for the work that you do. We welcome any questions, feedback, or suggestions that you may have.