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Fall 2009
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2010 Society of Behavioral Medicine Achievement Awards: Applications Open
The Society of Behavioral Medicine is now accepting applications for its 2010 Achievement Awards. If you would like detailed information about the awards and/or how to apply please visit the SBM homepage at www.sbm.org. Recipients will be presented with their respective awards at the 31st Annual Meeting & Scientific Sessions of the Society of Behavioral Medicine, April 7-10, 2010, in Seattle, Washington. Read more »

Awards Presentation
Awards Committee Overview

Every year at the annual meeting of the Society of Behavioral Medicine the contributions of scientists, clinicians, and training programs are acknowledged by formal awards. recipients! Read more »

Education, Training and Career Development
Overview of Education, Training and Career Development Activities

Have you heard about SBM's initiative to help members navigate their career development? As a Society focused on the needs of its members, SBM recognizes that education and training needs vary over the course of one's career. Many SBM members have carved out interesting and unique careers.   Read more »

Using Information and Communication TechnologiesUsing Information and Communication Technologies to Close the Health Disparities Gap

Physical activity (PA) is an effective tool in improving health. Yet few Americans, and even fewer minority and low-income individuals, meet the recommended guideline of obtaining 150 minutes of PA each week. Lack of PA participation at least partially explains health disparities in minority and disadvantaged populations. Participation barriers are multilevel. Environmental barriers include poor or no sidewalks or walking trails, lack of green space, traffic, and fear of crime.   Read more »

Health and Decision MakingHealth and Decision Making SIG News

The 2009 Annual Meeting of the Society of Behavioral Medicine (SBM) in Montreal marked the first meeting of the Health Decision Making (HDM) Special Interest Group (SIG). About thirty of the HDM SIG's fifty members networked and discussed plans for the coming year, including programming for the 2010 meeting. The HDM SIG has started a listserv to encourage information exchange, scientific debate, and mentoring. We welcome new members from all disciplines to participate in the early growth and development of the HDM SIG. It is an exciting time in the SIG and there are many opportunities to contribute to its direction.   Read more »


With the new administration in Washington and significant efforts focused on health care reform, Integrated Primary Care SIG members are more active than ever in helping shape health care by integrating behavioral medicine into primary care. While much remains to be worked out in Congress about the specifics, the emphasis placed on primary care and health promotion/disease prevention suggests SBM members will play a vital and growing role in U.S. health care. Some of our members' activities are summarized here.  Read more »

Health Behavior ChangeHealth Behavior ChangeA New Approach for Multiple Health Behavior Change

Interventions promoting change in more than one health behavior at a time present unique challenges. The question of when a sequential versus simultaneous treatment approach is warranted to target multiple health behaviors illustrates one such challenge (Prochaska et al., 2008). The presentation by Bonnie Spring, PhD, at the 2009 Annual SBM Conference about weight loss and smoking cessation was a prime example of research targeting interrelated health behaviors. Dr. Spring's work and a recent review article by Prochaska and colleagues (2008) highlight mixed findings whereby simultaneous health behavior change sometimes results in iatrogenic effects and sometimes synergistic helpful effects.   Read more »

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