Outlook: Newsletter of the Society of Behavorial Medicine
Spring/Summer 2013
35th Annual Meeting, April 23-26, 2014, Philadelphia, PA

Introduction from the New Outlook Editor
I appreciate the opportunity to serve SBM in this capacity as Editor for Outlook. I hope to stimulate and support its use by members as a useful forum to communicate within and across SBM SIGs.   Read more »

President's Message
President's Message

It is with great pleasure that I begin my term as the 35th President of the Society of Behavioral Medicine. I came back from the Annual Meeting in San Francisco energized and excited about the innovative advances that our SBM members presented throughout the conference. Read more »

Award Winners

Congratulations to the following 2013 Society of Behavioral Medicine Achievement Award Winners! Read more »

2014 Annual Meeting:
Looking Back to Look Forward - Your Feedback from the 2013 Annual Meeting

A total of 1,861 registered individuals attended the SBM annual meeting in March in San Francisco, a new record for the Society! This edition of Outlook includes a nice recap of the meeting by Dr. Margaret Schneider, 2013 Program Committee Chair  Read more »

2013 Annual Meeting Recap

April 2013 in San Francisco was the setting for a terrifically successful Society of Behavioral Medicine Annual Meeting. Staying on our trajectory of yearly increases in attendance, this year 1,861 individuals registered for the conference, which featured 1,138 poster presentations and 453 speakers.  Read more »

SBM Electronic Communications: Keeping in Touch with our Members
SBM Electronic Communications: Keeping in Touch with our Members

Clear, relevant, and timely communication with our members is critical to the success and prosperity of SBM. Our society has always strived for excellence in how information is communicated to our members – and to the public at large – but achieving good communication is not without its challenges.  Read more »

An Update on the Scientific and Professional Liaison Council (SPLC)

The primary mission of the Scientific and Professional Liaison Council (SPLC) is the development of collaborative relationships between SBM and other scientific and professional organizations. We identify those organizations where the mutual goal is to accelerate innovations in behavioral medicine through science, practice, and policy, according to Sara Knight, our former Chair. Read more »

Physical Activity SIG Update

The Physical Activity SIG has grown significantly during the past four years. Specifically, it has increased by 94%, from 237 members in 2009 to 459 members in 2013. Almost half of these members are students or trainees.  Read more »

Update from the SBM Diabetes SIG

The Diabetes Special Interest Group is a forum for Society of Behavioral Medicine members with an interest in the advancement of behavioral and psychological research in diabetes. This year has brought major changes to the SIG leadership team and we would first like to give a big thank you to Korey Hood, Jen Averyt and Todd Doyle for the leadership they have provided for the SIG in the past years.  Read more »

SBM Electronic Communications: Keeping in Touch with our Members
Evidence-Based Behavioral Medicine SIG Update

The Evidence-Based Behavioral Medicine Special Interest Group (EBBM_SIG) is excited to report on our activities at the 34th Annual Meeting of the Society of Behavioral Medicine. We had a terrific turnout of SIG members contributing to our mission of advancing evidence-based medicine at our SIG-sponsored events. Read more »

The Military and Veterans’ Health SIG Continues to Build Momentum

The 2013 Annual Meeting was productive for the Military and Veterans' Health Special Interest Group (MVH SIG), which celebrated its second year in SBM. The MVH SIG’s primary goal is to promote behavioral health within the unique systems of the Department of Defense (DoD) and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Read more »

Issues in Women’s Health: Cardiovascular Disease

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the leading cause of death for women in the United States, accounting for one out of every four female deaths. Rates of CVD among African American women are almost 60% higher than those observed in white women. Read more »

SBM Outlook Article Summer 2013 – Population Health Science SIG
Institute of Medicine Roundtable on Population Health Improvement: Opportunities for Behavioral Medicine

Although the U.S. spends more on medical care than any other industrialized nation, its citizens suffer poorer health and live shorter lives than those living in comparable countries. This wealth-health paradox highlights the complex interactions among environmental, social, and behavioral factors that determine health. Read more »

Newest Articles from Annals of Behavioral Medicine and Translational Behavioral Medicine

SBM's two journals, Annals of Behavioral Medicine and Translational Behavioral Medicine: Practice, Policy, Research (TBM), continuously publish articles online, many of which become available before issues are printed. Read more »

Honors & Awards

This article showcases some of SBM members' recent honors and awards. If you would like to have your honor or award featured in the next issue, please forward the details of your achievement to William J. Sieber, PhD, Outlook EditorRead more »

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