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Spring/Summer 2010
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Karen M. Emmons, PhD
Karen M. Emmons, PhD

Society of Behavioral Medicine: Strengthening SBM, Ensuring our Impact

Two months into my year as SBM President, I am delighted to have the opportunity to share with you the key initiatives that I will be working on this year, along with our outstanding Board, Council and Committee Chairs, and our members. I inherited a society in strong shape, thanks to the leadership of my predecessors. We have weathered the current economic climate with a fairly stable membership, have had outstanding attendance at our last two meetings, and are about to launch a second journal. Read more >>

Award Winners

2010 Award Winners

(Pictured above are 2010 SBM Fellows)
Congratulations to all 2010 Society of Behavioral Medicine Achievement Awards recipients!

2010 Annual Meeting

More than 1,400 scientists, practitioners/clinicians, and policy makers attended the 31st Annual Meeting and Scientific Session in Seattle, Washington, making it the largest meeting in the history of SBM. This year's program for the annual meeting was built around the theme "Behavioral Medicine: Building for the Future."   Read more >>

Robert D. Kerns, PhD
Robert D. Kerns, PhD

VA Psychologist Recognized for Outstanding Work in Pain Management

Dr. Robert Kerns, of the Veterans Health Administration's Office of Patient Care Services, has been recognized by the American Pain Society for his significant contributions to the field of pain management. The recognition came in the form of the prestigious John and Emma Bonica Public Service Award, accepted by Kerns at the American Pain Society's 29th Annual Scientific Meeting in Baltimore, MD, held in early May.  Read more >>

Membership Council

The Society of Behavioral Medicine's Membership Council is one of the five permanent councils and is charged with recruitment and retention of members. In accordance with the SBM mission statement, this is a multi-dimensional goal focused on recruiting interdisciplinary members involved in a variety of clinical, research, administrative and educational pursuits.   Read more >>

Translational Behavioral Medicine: It's All about Actionable Science

SBM's newest journal, Translational Behavioral Medicine: Practice, Policy, Research (TBM), steps out into exciting terrain. TBM's goal is to bring actionable science to practitioners and to catalyze debate on issues that surround implementing the evidence. TBM is designed to create a forum for dialogue among the research, practice, and policy communities in behavioral medicine.  Read more >>

Building a Pipeline for Diabetes Investigators at SBM

Diabetes has reached epidemic proportions in the United States, affecting 23.6 million people. This public health crisis has resulted in a significant number of challenges and economic burdens for patients, their families, and healthcare systems. The last two decades have seen major advances in psychosocial diabetes-related research, interventions, and policy/guideline developments.   Read more >>

Evidence-Based Behavioral Medicine SIG Info and News

It has been a while since the Evidence-Based Behavioral Medicine SIG provided an update of developments and activities. There is much to report. I'd like to start with the specific challenges targeted by the EBBM SIG and what this SIG has to offer to new members, followed by specific news.   Read more >>

Pain SIG Update

The SBM Pain Special Interest Group is an interdisciplinary group of approximately 150 members, making it the eighth largest SBM SIG. The Pain SIG is comprised of clinicians, researchers, educators and program administrators, and provides multiple opportunities for collegial interaction and professional presentation involvement by trainees at all levels.   Read more >>

Spirituality and Health SIG News

The Spirituality and Health SIG has several traditions at the annual SBM Annual Meeting to provide opportunities for mingling. More than two dozen people attended the Spirituality and Health SIG breakfast roundtable at the 2010 Annual Meeting in Seattle, WA, to introduce themselves, hear a bit about the interesting work others are doing, and network.   Read more >>

Child Nutrition: Action Today for a Healthy Tomorrow

The Society for Nutrition Education (SNE) invites you to their annual conference, Child Nutrition: Action Today for a Healthy Tomorrow. The education and actions we take today can shape the future of our children! Eating well and being physically active can help reduce overweight and related health problems that can follow children into their adult years.   Read more >>

Honors, Awards and Publications

A new feature of Outlook this year showcases some of SBM members' recent honors, awards and publications. If you would like to have your honor, award or publication featured in the next issue please forward the details of your achievement to Amanda Graham, PhD, Outlook Editor. Congratulations to all of the following members.   Read more >>

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