A healthier world is possible. A world that knows what behavioral medicine is and how valuable it is. A world that recognizes our individual members as esteemed experts. A world where members advance their careers and the field, and impact real lives.

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General Fund


“I am really pleased to make a contribution to SBM’s General Fund and provide support for the society to respond to emerging opportunities with timely innovations. In particular, I hope my donation can help support future presidential and board initiatives on topics of high importance to behavioral medicine.”
Lisa Klesges, PhD, SBM Past President

Sandi Winter

"As SBM’s treasurer, I believe the establishment and growth of a General Fund is the key to ensuring SBM's continued financial stability. The General Fund allows us to quickly respond to changes in the field, and to meet time-sensitive member needs. The fund also allows us to keep dues affordable compared to other similar organizations, especially for our students who are the future of behavioral medicine. I encourage you to give to SBM’s General Fund so that we can use our Proven Science to make Better Health a reality."
-Sandra Winter, PhD, SBM Treasurer


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Leadership Development

Steph Finneran

"Overall SBM has been an amazing opportunity for career development as I transitioned out of academia upon earning my PhD. Last year I received the SBM Travel Scholarship and the year before that, I attended a talk by my (now) boss. The professional connection was made when the SBM president-elect email a handful of prospective employers on my behalf doing a soft introduction."
Stephanie Finneran, SBM Student Member

Robert Newton

"As a mid-career level professional, figuring out who you are as a leader is so important. SBM’s Leadership Institute went above and beyond to help shape who I am as a leader today by helping me to understand my strengths, limitations, and organizational skills. Because of the Leadership Institute, I am more prepared to assist in the career development of mentees; I’ve had greater collaborations and subsequent grant proposals, and I have better working relationships with colleagues."
-Robert Newton, PhD, SBM Leadership Institute Alumnus


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Science Communication

Lynne Foster

“There is a disconnect between the ever-increasing scientific evidence and dissemination of information that will improve health outcomes for the public. I want to gain additional skills in disseminating findings from my work in a way that will have the most impact on community health. To achieve this goal, a two-day Alda Science Communication Workshop costs $2,250."
-Lynne Klasko-Foster, PhD candidate, SBM Student Member


“We need a communication strategy for our science so that evidence rules the day when it comes to how the public thinks about health promotion and disease prevention. Effective science communication requires an expertise that SBM does not have. To stay relevant, we really need to invest in this.”
-Sherry Pagoto, PhD, SBM Past President


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Policy Advocacy


"Being involved in health policy advocacy through SBM has been my most meaningful professional experience to date. Our science has a much greater impact when it gets into the hands of legislators and is at the forefront of policy-related decisions. It is our duty to communicate our science with policymakers to influence population-wide change."
-Joanna Buscemi, PhD, SBM Health Policy Council Chair

Marian Fitz

“I never imagined I would be involved in healthy policy advocacy through SBM. When health policy advocacy was introduced as something SBM members could become involved, I was hesitant at first. Then I became aware of the potential impact of informing legislators and policymakers that SBM can be the go to organization for evidence-based science and realized the power of SBM to more broadly support behavior change, healthy lifestyles and population health.”
-Marian Fitzgibbon, PhD, Past SBM President


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