SBM and Industry: What is (and should be) the Nature and Scope of our Relationship?

By: David K. Ahern, PhD | Published: April 17, 2014

As Bob Dylan wrote, 'The Times They Are a-Changin' comes to mind as I introduce this topic for you to consider and respond. We are witness to major changes in health care and the biomedical research enterprise in which many of us participate. We are all too aware of shrinking budgets for research and clinical services that don't produce a return on investment in the short term. Technology is serving as a disruptive influence in health care but also provides us with a unique opportunity to advance behavioral science and bring to scale evidence-based behavior change programs to the masses like never before. The technology industry is in desperate need of our expertise and we, in turn, need to engage computer scientists, developers, engineers and entrepreneurs from the business sector to produce engaging, scalable and marketable solutions. Where do you stand on this point of view? What are your questions or concerns about forming relationships with industry? What has been you experience? Please join the conversation on LinkedIn!