Outlook: Newsletter of the Society of Behavorial Medicine

Summer 2020


University of Kansas Medical Center - Postdoctoral Researchers and Doctoral Students, Center for Physical Activity and Weight Management

The Center for Physical Activity and Weight Management supports research, training and clinics for the prevention and treatment of obesity in children and adults. Interests include all components of energy balance, metabolic syndrome, weight management delivery systems, technology, brain function, special populations (those with intellectual and physical disabilities), rural populations, and others. Currently, the Center has 8 funded R01 projects from the National Institutes of Health to investigate exercise and nutrition for prevention and treatment of obesity in adults and children including those with physical and intellectual disabilities. In addition, since 1986 the Center has maintained an ongoing clinical treatment program termed the Weight Control Research Project designed to provide weight loss and weight maintenance for adults. To learn more about the Center (grants and publications, etc.) please go to our website. Our Center is seeking: Post-Doctoral Researchers and Doctoral Students. For further information and/or to apply please go to Job Posting. Questions? Email: kim@ku.edu. EO/AA