Outlook: Newsletter of the Society of Behavorial Medicine

Fall 2020

Editor's Note: Special Section on the Impact of COVID-19 on the Research Process

Crystal Lumpkins, PhD; Editor, Outlook

Crystal Lumpkins, PhD

In this issue of Outlook, we have continued our series of themed issues that capture current events and how those events impact both the field of behavioral medicine and also our everyday lives. COVID-19 continues to rage on and has become, in many ways, the largest contributing factor to a ‘new normal’ and the war within our minds, bodies and souls. This new normal has forced a shift in thinking for some and unfortunately debilitated others. Whether ‘it’ has facilitated or hindered progress, it is important that we strive to adapt. It’s in this time that adaptation can be beneficial in how we live life and also conduct our science. As a community-based researcher, I thought of how the pandemic has slowed research and was a bit frustrated but remembered that the work that many of us do is ‘applied’ and presents significant opportunities to make a positive difference. The articles in this issue capture these types of opportunities and shows us how, in a time of uncertainty, we can use our creativity, innovative thinking and also humanity to make an incredible difference in behavioral medicine.

In this issue, some of what you’ll read highlights the impact of COVID-19 on cardiovascular (CVD) research, physical activity, and running an Optimization trial during the pandemic. You will also hear from the voices of Black behavioral scientists who detail the impact on their research, careers and determination to forge on. Finally, our President, Dr. Monica Baskin, reminds us to take pause, make a true inventory of ourselves and to seek self-care. I encourage you to do just that – take time out for yourself as we all deserve to be healthy, happy and whole.