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SBM's Journals Moving to Online Delivery

Alan M. Delamater, PhD, Publications and Communications Council chair

The Society of Behavioral Medicine's (SBM's) two journals are going green. Starting in 2016, Annals of Behavioral Medicine and Translational Behavioral Medicine: Practice, Policy, Research will switch to online delivery. Instead of getting hefty issues delivered in the mail, SBM members will receive electronic copies via email.

This switch is part of SBM's efforts to be environmentally responsible. Electronic copies will reduce the waste that pours into landfills. If you've been recycling the journals instead of throwing them away, electronic copies will make you even greener by skipping the paper usage altogether.

The switch to electronic copies will also save SBM money, making the society more viable and allowing it to invest in other critical areas like the special interest groups, health policy work, and annual meeting programming.

Beginning with the first 2016 issues of Annals of Behavioral Medicine in February and Translational Behavioral Medicine in March, SBM members will receive an emailed table of contents each time a new journal issue publishes. The email will include links to each article so that reading-or saving PDF copies-is only a click away.

Members will continue to have access to full journal archives via the "Members Only" portion of the SBM website.

If you like to save the printed journals or love the feel of one in your hands, don't worry-you can continue receiving print copies in the mail. Just email your request to info@sbm.org.

Thank you for your understanding and for supporting SBM as it moves into a greener, more sustainable 21st Century.