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Theories and Techniques of Behavior Change Interventions SIG Seeks Input on Social Event

Heather L. Gainforth, PhD, Theories and Techniques of Behavior Change Interventions SIG junior co-chair

The chairs of the Theories and Techniques of Behavior Change Interventions Special Interest Group (TTBCI SIG) have been busily planning for the 36th Annual Meeting & Scientific Sessions of the Society of Behavioral Medicine (SBM) to be held in San Antonio, TX, from April 22–25, 2015. In September, the TTBCI SIG submitted one pre-conference workshop, two symposia, one midday meeting, and a breakfast meeting that we think will be of great interest to our membership. We are also looking for your advice as to where a TTBCI SIG social event should be held.

This year we have sponsored two symposia submissions that may be of interest to our membership. The first, titled How Social Network Data can Help us Understand Health Behavior Change and Health Promotion, will feature speakers Tom Valente, PhD (University of Southern California); Gina Merchant (University of California, San Diego); Heather Gainforth, PhD (University College London, UK); and Holly Shakya, PhD (University of California, San Diego). The second, titled Toward an Ontology of Behavior Change: An Innovative Approach to Intervention Development, will feature speakers Larry An, MD (University of Michigan): Kai Larsen, PhD (University of Colorado), and Susan Michie, DPhil, CPsych, FBPS (University College London, UK); and William Riley, PhD (National Institutes of Health).

Midday Meeting: The Debate
Last year the TTBCI SIG in partnership with the Multiple Health Behavior Change SIG, Obesity and Eating Disorders SIG, and Physical Activity SIG hosted an inaugural debate. The debate received positive reviews and was standing room only. Given its success, these SIGs are partnering to host a second debate. The topic of the 2015 debate will be, Investing in Epidemiology Without Theory is a Waste of Resources. Speakers will include Noel Brewer, PhD (University of North Carolina); Carlo DiClemente, PhD (University of Maryland, Baltimore County); Karina Davidson, PhD, (Columbia University); and Robert West, PhD (University College London, UK).

Pre-Conference Workshop
The TTBCI SIG is sponsoring a pre-conference workshop titled The ABC's of Social Network Methods and Analysis. The instructors for this workshop will be Holly Shakya, PhD (University of California, San Diego) and Heather Gainforth, PhD (University College London, UK). This workshop will provide an introduction to social network methods and analyses. Participants will learn ways to measure individual and network level variables with special attention paid to how to plan for measuring network effects. Ways to leverage social networks to change behavior across several health contexts will be presented.

Morning Meeting
This year’s TTBCI SIG morning meeting will contain a fast-paced data blitz showcasing abstracts being presented at SBM that are relevant to the SIG's focus!

Social Event: We Need Your Help
The SIG is planning to a host a social event on Friday, April 24, 2015, and we need your feedback regarding where it should be held. Have you attended a conference in San Antonio before and know a great place? Do you live in San Antonio and know of a fantastic location? Email heathergainforth@gmail.com with your feedback and ideas! Please note that this event is not covered by the SBM Annual Meeting liability insurance and therefore cannot be considered an official SBM programmatic event.