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Now Accepting 2014 Membership Renewals

With record breaking membership numbers and record breaking Annual Meeting attendance, 2013 has been an outstanding year for the Society of Behavioral Medicine. As year-end approaches we look forward to another stellar year, complete with high-profile Annual Meeting speakers, additional opportunities to engage through Special Interest Groups, growing our social media networks, and continuing efforts to shape health policy.

Over the past year SBM has worked to cultivate relationships with like-minded organizations and policy makers in hopes of creating coordinated and combined efforts that promote and support sound health policies, combat threats to federal funding and advocate for behavioral and social science research. Together we can help create a future of good health for all Americans.

The SBM Board of Directors is eager to continue expanding the reach of behavioral medicine. We hope that you continue your membership so you can join us in these exciting endeavors.

Renew your membership online or by filling out the hardcopy membership form and returning it to the SBM national office.

SBM would not have had such a successful year without the contributions of its members, so we sincerely thank you for your commitment and hope you decide to continue your membership in 2014!