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An Invitation from the Outlook Editor

We hope that SBM feels to you a welcome home where you can connect with colleagues, learn about opportunities you wish to be a part of, and to access resources offered to support your professional activities. In this issue of Outlook we have an exciting array of SIGs and committees demonstrating the vibrancy of our SBM community. I especially invite you to read not only about activities relevant to your own SIG but to view other sections of Outlook to consider nominating yourself or someone for an award, to learn what workshops and seminars are being planned for at our next meeting in Philadelphia, and to get links to resources that may help in your clinical work in primary care, among other things. I do hope that you take the few minutes to see what other SBM members are up to - just because you don't belong to a certain SIG does not mean there is not information there that you may find of great interest.