Outlook: A Quarterly Newsletter of the Society of Behavorial Medicine
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Focus on SBM Scientific and Professional Liaisons

Liaison: coordination;the exchange of information or the planning of joint efforts by two or more people or groups

In an effort to inform our members of ongoing and planned activities of the Scientific and Professional Liaison Council, Outlook will regularly shed a spotlight on SBM partnerships with other organizations and groups. Are you working with another organization on behalf of SBM? The Scientific & Professional Liaison Council would like to hear from you! Contact Susan Woods, MD at woodssus@ohsu.edu

Highlight: Society for Medical Decision Making The Society of Behavioral Medicine (SBM) and the Society for Medical Decision Making (SMDM) share more than a few core values. Both are diverse multidisciplinary societies whose members come from around the globe and both seek to improve health outcomes. The distinct emphasis in SMDM, in contrast to SBM, is health decision making. SMDM works to improve health outcomes through the proactive application of systematic methods such as decision analysis, shared decision making, utility elicitation, cost-effectiveness analysis, technology assessment, predictive modeling, quality of life assessment, medical informatics, discrete-event simulation, and evidence-based medicine. The Scientific and Professional Liaison Council of SBM has provided support and guidance in the formation of a special interest group on medical decision making and plans for shared programmatic activities with SMDM. For additional information, or to participate in the SBM Health Decision Making SIG and SBM/SMDM collaborative activities, please contact Sara Knight, PhD, at sara.knight@ucsf.edu, or Jamie Studts, PhD., jamie.studts@uky.edu. Information about SMDM can be found at www.smdm.org.