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New Membership Directory Search Features Help Connect SBM Members

Until now, the online SBM Membership Directory allowed users to find other members only by name, company, or location. Now, SBM members can also search by Specialty, Occupation, or Primary Profession. If, for example, an SBM member was interested in finding all members who indicated their specialty as "nutrition", now it's not only possible - it's easy! Here's how: simply log onto the "Members Only" section of the SBM Web site at https://www.sbm.org. (If you've forgotten your log in information - user name and/or password - all you need do is submit your email address and the information will be emailed to you.) Click "SBM Membership Directory." By the "specialty" field, either type in "nutrition" or choose it from the link of common examples at the right. Hit search, and voila - a list of names with locations appears instantly. For detailed contact information click on the member's name.

Searchers can fill in one field or a combination of fields. Common examples and a drop down menu (by occupation) make searching especially easy.

Happy searching!